July 06, 2014

Dr. Ceuticals Beach Perfect Body Firmer

dr ceuticals beach perfect body firmer
Lets be honest, only a few of us ever feel 100% prepared when it comes to bikini season so any help in this department is always welcome as far as I'm concerned. There are an array of products on the market claiming to turn you into a toned goddess overnight...but let's be honest your never going to be able to buy a beach ready body in a bottle. However, I recently tried out the Dr. Ceuticals Beach Perfect Body Firmer* and it's probably the only thing I've ever tried that's came close to making a difference.

Basically this is a body moisturiser with a few added extras, Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin B3 combine to improve elasticity and firmness. Seaweed and caffeine help flush excess fluids which lead to cellulite and fatty deposits, and shea butter and coconut oil ensure that your skin is left super hydrated. To put it simply, this is a deeply nourishing body cream that improves the appearance and feel of your skin. Like I said, this won't change your life and leave you with perfectly toned limbs, only a good diet and exercise can do that, but this will slightly help the feel and appearance of your skin, which can only ever be a good thing.

After using the cream daily I noticed my skin looked really conditioned and healthy and I definitely noticed a difference in the elasticity of my skin. This stuff also smells incredible, and is a really good moisturiser, the formula was easily absorbed and the lovely scent lingered all day. I would certainly re purchase this, especially for using during the summer months as I use a body moisturiser everyday anyway so one with a few added benefits is more than welcome.

The moisturiser is available from Boots and costs £19.99 which is definitely a luxury in my books, but worth it as it's such a nice product. So my quest for a beach body continues with a little help from this...and not so much help from all the ice cream I've been eating in this lovely weather oops!

*PR Sample


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