July 11, 2014

Concoction Haircare

Concoction Haircare
I'm all for trying new things so when I heard about Concoction's haircare range, I wanted to give it a go.  For those unfamiliar to the concept, it's basically a shampoo (ShampYou) which you personalise yourself with a choice of base scent and you then choose two shots of Super Serum to suit your hair the most.

I picked this up as part of Concoction's Indie Gogo campaign so if I contributed, this was my perk.  Originally my understanding was that the perk included a discounted ShampYou and my two choices of shots which it did.  However it was supposed to have my name on the bottle which they went against after the campaign didn't do as well as expected.  Not a huge deal but to promise something then go against that did make me question the integrity of the brand.

Back to the product itself.  I decided to choose the Bakhour ShampYou which is a "delicious woody blend of arabian spices, with a hint of sandalwood, ambergris and musk".  With it featuring some of my favourite scents, I knew it was the one to go for.  For my Super Serum shots I decided to go for Beautiful Brunette to keep my hair colour looking vibrant and Gimmie More Moisture to help the dryness.  There are around 8 different choices so you can personalise it to exactly how you want it.

Concoction Haircare
Once I added in the two Super Serums it was time to give it a go.  For shampoo's I really like the formula to be nourishing and easy to wash out so I feel like it lived up to expectations.  It was really easy to lather up and my hair felt very clean and clarified.  After drying my hair I could feel it was much more nourished than usual most likely to the Gimmie More Moisture Serum however I couldn't really see the Brilliant Brunette aspect doing anything different.

While the shampoo was really lovely on the hair, I can't say it's something I'm going to repurchase everytime it's finished.  I think it is quite a cool concept of making your own personalised haircare product but for the price and the extra steps it takes to make it up instead of grabbing my usual shampoo , I feel it's just not quite worth the hassle.

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