July 03, 2014

China Glaze Japanese Koi

China Glaze Japanese Koi

Since I've been all about the dark shades and metallic finishes lately, I thought I'd go for something different so this weeks NOTW is China Glaze Japanese Koi.  This insanely bright neon orange shade is perfect for the warm sunny weather.

China Glaze is one of those brands I've always seen online but never got around to trying one of their shades out.  What better to start off with than the brightest nail polish I've ever seen.  The neon orange has such a dramatic look on the nails and teamed with a matte finish makes the look even stronger.

With such an interesting shade and finish does however come with some negatives.  It takes a while to get the hang of applying matte polishes so I'd recommend a large amount of polish on the brush and blending it out as quickly as possible.  As it's a neon/matte polish I find you do need at least 3 coats to become opaque.  I attempted a white undercoat but found it a little too messy to work with.

For this polish I'd recommend it for 1-2 days wear as it seems to unexpectedly chip in large amounts after 2 days of wear.  It's one of those shades to apply for an occasion rather than a polish you'd expect to last your full week.

Overall I think it's a great looking polish and it can make a real statement but if you're looking for a long lasting shade then I'd look elsewhere.

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