July 28, 2014

Beach Inspired Beauty

KMS California Sea Salt Spray, Beautannia Brighton Candle, The Body Shop Fijian Water Lotus Range
When the closest thing you have to a beach is your local shopping centre's indoor sand pit, you know you need to bring the beach to you.  I'm not talking about filling your garden with sand of course but every now and then you can bring the beachy vibe to you with Summery cocktails and some sea scented beauty products.

In the humidity, I pretty much channel Monica from Friends.  My hair just gets wider and frizzier as the day goes on.  While I probably couldn't pull of the braided hair look quite as well, I find using some sea salt spray helps change the humid hair to a more beachy wave look.  My favourite spray would have to be the KMS California Sea Salt Spray though to be honest, aren't sea salt sprays all the same?  I particularly like this one for the way it sprays as it covers a large area rather than leaving you with a crispy strand of hair.  Beach perfect waves in no time!

I picked up the Beautannia Brighton Candle in the SpaceNK sale for £5 from £35, bargain or what?  I really like the way they base their scents on different locations and while I've never been to Brighton, it's exactly like being by the sea.  It's a mix of sea moss, mint, musk and various other scents.  I'm just mad at myself that I didn't pick up an extra one!

A new addition to The Body Shop is the Fijian Water Lotus Range*.  It's a lovely mix of Summer scents and florals so it's perfect if you're looking for something not too heavy.  The Mini Eau De Toilette is the perfect size for fitting into your beach bag.  I'd really recommend the Body Lotion too as it's such a light formula so it's perfect for applying during those warm Summer nights.

There you have it, my beach beauty product picks! Now if you'll excuse me, I have some cocktail making to do.

*PR sample

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