July 02, 2014

At Home Pedicure

at home pedicure essentials Please be rest assured any foot phobic friends, there will be no snaps of my feet in this post. Mainly because I'm not too keen on feet myself, however that's not to say I don't want mines to look their best. There is no nicer feeling than sporting your favourite summer footwear with confidence that your feet are looking fabulous, but as I mentioned before I am not too keen on the idea of someone else getting up close and personal with my feet. With that in mind I have devised a little at home routine that keep them looking fabulous.

First things first, you need to give your feet a right good scrub, I love the Arran Aromatics Apricot, Mint & Coriander Foot Exfoliant Bar*. This lovely little bar gently exfoliates your feet leaving the skin soft and feeling very fresh, the peppermint scent really revives feet. Alongside my scrub I always use some sort of pumice device to remove any tougher patches of dry skin, this one was just a cheap one I picked up from Savers I think, but you can buy these more or less anywhere.

Once I've scrubbed and cleaned it's time to moisturise, slather on loads of your favourite foot or body cream and then pop some socks on to really let the moisturiser work its way into the skin. My favourite foot cream at the moment is the Lush Fair Trade Foot Lotion*, this stuff is so cooling on the feet so it's perfect after a long hard day at work, and again the peppermint scent in this leaves my feet feeling and smelling very fresh.

After my moisturiser has soaked in it's time to turn the attention to the toe nails, and I follow more or less the same routine as I do on my finger nails. I like to cut and file all the nails, keeping them fairly short and neat, I then take care of any unwanted cuticles and apply my beloved Orly Nail Defense as a base coat. Personally, I think toes always look better with a bright colour on the nails, the Eve Snow London Nail Colour in Sunrise Glow* is the perfect summer bright. A quick layer of top coat to finish it off and then that's it, a complete at home pedicure that wont break the bank...or leave you feeling a little cringey at the thought of someone handling you feet!

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