June 12, 2014

ORLY Color Blast in Golden Chrome Foil

ORLY Color Blast in Golden Chrome Foil

I know it might be a shocker, but there are some nail polish brands that I haven't tried before and until now, one of them is ORLY.  Last month they released their impressive Color Blast range featuring 72 different shades with 9 finishes and textures so what better time to try them out.  This time I'm trying the ORLY Color Blast Nail Polish in Golden Chrome Foil.

My first experience with ORLY was pretty positive.  The formula is the perfect consistency between thick and thin which makes applying the polish a breeze.  Golden Chrome Foil is a sort of light gold shimmer which is opaque enough to wear on it's own and it almost has a sort of gold leaf looking texture to it.

ORLY Color Blast in Golden Chrome Foil

It's a really impressive shade which will stand out on the nails but I'm not entirely convinced this shade suits my pale skin tone.  With slightly more tanned/darker skin tones I think this would look absolutely amazing but I feel with my colouring it slightly washes me out so a silver or slightly darker gold might suit me better.

This polish lasts a really long time on the nails, over a weeks wear and no sign of chipping yet is really impressive.  With the type of formula it is you do have to be quite precise with your brush strokes as the finish will show them up.  I do find it dries pretty quickly but I would recommend being patient waiting for it to dry fully as bumps can be made quite easily.

Overall I think the formula is spot on but I'll be saving this shade for when I'm slightly more tanned.  What have you been wearing on your nails this week?

*PR sample

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