June 09, 2014

How To Grow Your Eyebrows

How To Grow Your Eyebrows with Castor Oil

Up until a few years ago, my eyebrows were something I never really paid attention to.  During my pre-teen years they'd been through over plucking and even shaved with a razor on the odd occasion which resulted in pretty sparse brows into my adult years.  I'm sure you can all relate!  Now that I've mastered filling them in and plucking the stray hairs away, I felt it was about time I took control of the patchy areas and find a solution for fuller, thicker brows.  Forget about the £20 eyebrow growth serums, my process will only cost you only £1.99!  Here's how to grow your eyebrows..

For this process you'll need two things: Castor Oil and a spoolie (old clean mascara wand will do fine too).  Before we begin, Castor Oil is known for protecting and conditioning skin and hair.  It's rich in essential fatty acids and promotes hair growth.  You can use any brand of Castor Oil as long as it's Cold Pressed but the one I'm using is by Naissance which is the first one that comes up on Amazon.  It's quite a thick oil so you won't need more than 100ml.

Once you've got the Castor Oil, you want to apply a thin layer over your spoolie.  You can of course apply straight to your brows instead but I find this way less messy.  Once you've applied the oil to the spoolie, start brushing through your brows in the direction you wish the hair to grow.  I usually stick to upwards at the beginning and outwards towards the ends.

If you want strategic placement of the Castor Oil, I'd recommend using a barrier cream such as Vaseline on areas which you don't want growth.  If you still have a little left on your spoolie, you can also apply it to your lashes.  Once you're happy with the amount of product on the brows, leave the oil on overnight and repeat each night for a few weeks and you should see results!  Sadly this process isn't an overnight wake up to Cara Delevigne eyebrows miracle and it will take time but trust me, the results are worth it!


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