June 20, 2014

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Instant Radiance Mask

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Instant Radiance Mask

Emma Hardie is one of those brands I've been dying to try for a long time but I've never quite gotten round to it.  Having sensitive skin means trying new skincare is always a risk for me but I'm glad to report Emma Hardie passed the test.  Good for my skin but probably bad for my bank balance in the future!  Now I'm sure you've all heard of the moringa cleansing balm (which is now on the top my wishlist) but today I'm focusing on the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Instant Radiance Mask, a new addition to the Amazing Face range.

Usually most people's experience of Emma Hardie begin with the cleansing balm but mine actually began with the Amazing Face Hand & Nail Treatment Cream.  It gave me a good indication of the type of products to expect from the range and I was a lot less nervous to try the radiance mask after having a good experience with it.  From my experience so far with Emma Hardie, you can expect a silky soft formula with a beautiful scent in each product.

The Amazing Face Instant Radiance Mask isn't normally what you'd expect from a radiance mask.  The formula is most similar to the texture of a moisture mask with a slightly mousse-like texture and it claims to: firm, smooth and give refined looking skin.  So from that I would expect a sort of healthy, hydrated result rather than a full on glow.

The mask itself is very soft and silky.  I find you don't need a lot to cover your entire face and it has the option for leaving on for 5-10 minutes or using it as an overnight treatment.  It also suggests putting it in the fridge for a cooling pre-party pick me up which sounds lovely.

Personally, I like using it as an overnight treatment as I can see if it's worked it's magic when I wake up.  After applying it and removing it in the morning, I can see my skin looks really nourished and hydrated from using the mask overnight.  If you're expecting really dramatic results, this won't be for you but it's perfect for those who are maybe having a bad skin day and want your skin to look fresh and healthy.

I agree with all the claims it says it does and I'd highly recommend it.  However, I think the consumer needs to look into it more before purchasing to see if it's what they're looking for as the term "Instant Radiance" might be slightly ambiguous if you haven't read the description.

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