June 15, 2014

Burt's Bees Daily Indulgence Collection

Burts Bees Daily Indulgence Collection
Adding a little touch of nature into our beauty routines has been quite the trend over the past few years. One of the easiest ways to introduce yourself to more natural products is to invest in a small set, like the Burt's Bees Daily Indulgence Collection*. Not only will you be guaranteed that the products inside are packed with natural goodness you'll also be getting to sample one of the best brands in beauty town.

The set comes in a lovely little cosmetic pouch made with natural fibres, and inside you get five everyday products that are sure to suit all tastes. The smaller sized products are perfect for this time of year as they make the best travel companions, so you can enjoy a little bit of natural luxury on the go!

Burts Bees Daily Indulgence Collection
Inside the pouch you'll find the Milk & Honey Body Lotion, I've had this before and loved it, the formula is so rich and nourishing. One thing I will say though, is that this is definitely a risky scent, you'll either love it or hate it. As the product is 99% natural it's not the usual fake milk and honey scent you may be used to, it's a very real scent. I personally love it, but if your buying this as a gift then I'd bare that in mind.

The Hibiscus Tinted Lip Balm is 100% natural and is perfect for everyday wear. The shade flatters all and is really build able, I've been enjoying pairing this with a gloss for a lighter summer look. The Beeswax Lip Balm is everything a good lip product should be, very hydrating and leaves lips looking plump and healthy. Plus it's peppermint scented, which for me can only ever be a good thing!

The Peppermint & Rosemary Body Wash is definitely a grown up shower gel, what a lovely little treat to travel with eh? I'm a total pushover for anything mint scented and the rosemary gives it a unique twist. Finally the Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream is a 100% natural treat for paws. This is a really thick hard working hand cream that deeply nourishes the skin, I would recommend keeping this one for use at home as it is quite oily due to the richness.

The set costs £16.99 and is available from the Burt's Bees website, whether your looking to try out some natural goodies or need some miniatures for travelling this summer I would definitely recommend this. Now just to book my next holiday to take them on...

*PR Sample

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