June 17, 2014

Haulin' in the USA

American Beauty Haul

My summer holiday is now officially over for this year, and I am in one big huff about it. Myself and my other half went to Los Angeles and Las Vegas, it was wonderful and the only thing that makes coming home a bit sweeter is my new goodies to play with. If us beauty bloggers know one thing it's that America equates to a beauty haven of rare and unavailable treats. It's safe to say I succumbed to temptation and spent my holiday dollars on an array of beauty treats.

American Beauty Hall

First up is a selection of bath and body treats I picked up, I was quite good and stuck to only things I knew I'd really use. The Victoria's Secret Pink 2 in 1 Wash & Scrub's are literally my favourite shower products ever. They are the most foamy, gentle and fragrant scrubs I've ever tried so obviously I had to pick some up. I got two scents 'warm and cozy', which is a very warm feminine scent and 'total flirt' which is extremely fresh. I picked up the 'total flirt' flirt body spray too as these sprays are as strong as perfumes so are perfect for during the day. As I am quite the traveller I love having a little stash of minis on hand, and the Bath & BodyWorks range of shower gels and lotions are my favourites, I opted for two minis in the Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber scent.

American Beauty Haul

America always seems to bring it in terms of nail treatments, so I picked up a back up of my favourite base coat the Orly Nail Defense, this stuff is just wonderful. As much as I looooove my Seche Vite Top Coat it is always good to try out some alternatives, with this in mind I thought I'd try out the Orly In a Snap Top Coat, which I've used once since being home and it is pretty good, i'll wait and see how it lasts on the nails before I make my final call. I also picked up the Sally Hansen Insta Dri which I haven't had a chance to try out yet. I only bought two nail colours a Sephora nail colour in 'Up all Night' which I thought was an appropriate name choice for Las Vegas. Then an American Apparel nail lacquer in 'Sunset Blvd', again mainly as the name was appropriate.
  American Beauty Haul

Everyone knows you can't enter a Bath & BodyWorks and not get some of the PocketBac's, I picked up quite a few of these but was very disciplined and gave most of them away as gifts and only kept three for myself. I chose the Aqua Blossom, Vanilla Berry Sorbet and Island Margarita scents, all of which are perfect for summer.

American Beauty Hall

I suffered from quite a bad breakout at the beginning of my trip (I'm looking at you Dr Zellens) so I didn't want to experiment with too many different face products, so I only picked up a couple of products. The first thing I got was the Panda's Dream Dark Eye Corrector which is basically an under eye cream that claims to brighten the look of dark circles, which is something I definitely need, I'll keep you posted on how this goes. My all time favourite moisturiser is the Clinique Dramatically Different, and as it's a little cheaper in the US I took the chance to pick up a fresh bottle of this. The EOS balms are a staple in any American Haul, I went for the blueberry scent this time, I love these lip balms they are really hydrating and the packaging is such a nice novelty. Finally as I ran out of my Jurlique's Rosewater just before my trip I decided to try something new and picked up the Mario Badescu Facial Spray which soothed and cleared my breakout so quickly. I LOVE this spray so much, it's definitely the best I have ever tried and I'm annoyed I didn't pick one of these up for Sami.

American Beauty Haul

I never really pick up much make-up when I'm away, mainly because I'm quite boring and never really feel the need to try any new make-up bits, but I did pick up one of the Wet n Wild Pressed Powders, which is lovely but not a patch on my beloved Rimmel London Stay Matte. I bought the Cover Girl Flamed Up Mega Curl Mascara which I'm quite excited to try as well, and then as I bought a couple of bits from Sephora and I have a points card I got given my little birthday treat early. It was a little travel set that included a Make Up Forever Lipstick in Rouge and the Smoky Extravagant Mascara, both of which have rave reviews, and as I've said before, I'm partial to a travel size product or two.

American Beauty Haul Candles aren't quite 'beauty' but as we love a good candle here at Beauty Aesthetic I thought I'd include the one I picked up. I wanted to get so much more from B&BW but I was told that as it's my birthday next month someone may have snuck in and picked me up quite a few treats so I opted for one of the mason jar candles in Sundrenched Vineyard which is a beautiful rich summer scent. The Bath & BodyWorks candles are amazing, the scent pay-off is brilliant and there is literally a scent to suit every nose!

So there you have it, my beauty buys from the USA, I picked up quite a lot of other bits like shoes, accessories and underwear, but obviously the most exciting stuff is always the beauty products. Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to try out all my new goodies and plan my next American adventure...

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