May 23, 2014

Kiko Life in Rio Collection

KIKO Life in Rio Collection

Kiko has always been a brand that has interested me but for some reason I've never tried them until now.  They've recently came out with an exciting new collection called Life in Rio, which takes inspiration from the bright and vibrant colours of Rio.  If you're a fan of colour, this is the collection for you.

KIKO Life in Rio Collection

Sunproof BB Cream SPF 30 02 Light:
During summer you don't always want to have a full face of makeup so a BB cream is always good to have on hand.  I love the fact you can get your coverage and SPF in one place, especially with a decent SPF of 30.  Sadly 02 Light is too dark for me so I couldn't really give it a proper go but the formula is very lightweight and blendable.  Perfect for days at the beach!

Creamy Touch Eyeshadow Duo in 102 Violet & Turquoise:
This eyeshadow duo has some of the most beautiful shades, perfect for the collection.  On one side we have a turquoise blue with fine glitter particles and the other side a very bold dark purple.  Compared to other eyeshadow sticks I've tried, they're extremely soft on the skin and they will not budge once applied.  Very festival appropriate.

Tropical Waterproof Eyeliner in 05 Piranha Purple:
Continuing with the colour theme, we have this lovely eyeliner.  Although the packaging makes it look more purple, I'd say it's more of a fuchsia shade when applied.  When they say waterproof, they really mean waterproof so again this would be perfect for festivals.

KIKO Life in Rio Collection

Sun Lovers Blush in 03 Brazilian Pink:
This is probably my favourite in the collection.  This massive blusher features a large mirror and 8g of product so this should last quite a long time.  I love that it has two sections which you can mix together or use separately so it's like 3 blushers in one.  The left side is much more of a coral whereas the other side is a subtle pink.  Not to mention, it also smells amazing.  If you need anything from the collection, it's this.

Exotic Shine Lipstick in 02 Attractive Papaya:
I like to experiment with colour mostly in lipstick form and if you're looking for a highly pigmented lipstick, the Exotic shine range is perfect.  The shade 02 is sort of a peachy orange which really makes the lips stand out.  Personally I think this type of shade might suit a more tanned skin tone better but the formula is very hydrating and it's a wonderful lipstick.

Exotic Shine Lipstick in 03 Opulent Coral:
For me, this is the perfect summery shade.  The shade 03 is a one shade suits everyone kind of shade with a very pigmented pink with a slightly reddish/orange tone to it.  Much like 03, the formula is extremely hydrating but due to the formula I did find I had to re apply during the day but that sort of thing doesn't really bother me.  Honestly one of my favourite lipstick ranges I've come across.

I hope that gave you a little snippet into the amazing collection by Kiko.  I definitely think I'm now a convert and will definitely look into picking up more of their products in the future.  As the Life in Rio collection is limited edition, make sure you snap it up before it's gone!

*This post contains PR samples


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