April 20, 2014

The Fragrance Shop - Discovery Club Spring 2014 Edition

the fragrance shop discovery box

the fragrance shop discovery box

One of my biggest weaknesses is perfume. I love how scents can completely set the tone of the day and determine your mood, I especially love discovering new and unique fragrances. Sami had given the Discovery Club, by the The Fragrance Shop a try before and after hearing her rave about it, I was thrilled when they asked me to try out the Spring 2014 edition of the box.

Discovery Club is a quarterly subscription costing just £5.00, in each box you get five fragrance samples, however in the Spring box you get seven. You can cancel any time, there are always male and female samples in the box and you also get £5.00 of each fragrance in the box if you wish to purchase the full size, sound good? Here is what's inside the Spring box;

the fragrance shop discovery box

Guerlain - La petite Robe Noire (£43.50 30ml) This is the third fragrance to join the Robe Noire collection, and it's extremely elegant. With top notes of bergamont and raspberry, it's grown up but not boring. This is definitely one to keep for special occasions or when you want to feel extra chic.

Thierry Mugler - Alien Eau Extraordinaire (£49.50 60ml) This marks a new chapter in the story of the Alien fragrance, a scent which is very well known. I wasnt too keen on the original, but this one is gorgeous, it's so uplifting. The top notes are neroli and bergamot tea, combining to create an extremely fresh and positive scent.

Givenchy - Very Irresistible L'eau en Rose (£51.99 50ml) I had the original of this, and I loved it, it reminds me of high school. The new Rose offering which marks the 10th anniversary of the original is much softer and more delicate. With rose and blackberries creating a very girlie, pretty scent. This would make the perfect summers day fragrance.

Elie Saab - L'eau Couture (£29.99 30ml) This, in my opinion, is the perfect springtime scent. It's fresh and zesty with a chic sexy undertone, very grown up and very addictive! The top notes boast citrus, magnolia and bergamot creating a unique uplifting fragrance.

Lacoste - Eau de Lacoste Sensuelle (£32.50 30ml) This is the most 'evening' scent from the box i'd say, it's very dark and sensual. With top notes of pink pepper and blackcurrant, it's spicy yet still extremely feminine. I love powerful scents like this, and can see myself picking up the full size.

the fragrance shop discovery box

For the male offerings I thought it would be insightful to let the man in my life try these out and give you his male opinion, I'll be sure to let you know which one I liked best too though!

Valentino - Uomo (£44.99 50ml) This one is definitely for the older man, its a really rich, deep fragrance. I personally found the leather undertones a little too overpowering. For the female insight, this one was my favourite, but I have to agree that the leather scent was very strong.

Loewe - Solo Sport (£59.99 75ml) Everyday aftershaves should be light and fresh with citrus undertones, however this one is maybe a little too citrus based for me. This would be great for younger guys, as it's really fresh and not too overpowering. From a females point of view this one was pleasant, but nothing really too special.

I think the Spring Discovery Club box is brilliant, especially as it is leading up to the holiday season and the sample sized bottles are perfect for travelling light. If you fancy trying this out or need any more information on the Discovery Club then it can all be found on the Fragrance Shop website. Now I'm off to make use of my £5 off voucher, but which one to choose...


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