April 17, 2014

Nails Inc Bond Street Gel Effect

Nails Inc Bond Street Gel Effect

In an attempt to use up my overflowing nail polish collection, I've decided to introduce a new feature to Beauty Aesthetic: Nail Polish of the Week.  Every Thursday you'll see which shade I'm wearing, how it's performed during the week and if it's worth picking up.  To kick things off I thought I'd start off with one of my favourites: Nails Inc Bond Street Gel Effect.

I've always wanted to give the gel effect polishes a go but it wasn't until I won an amazing competition from Nails Inc that I'd been able to give it a try.  After all, they are pretty expensive!  Much like the name suggests, it's a gel effect which means it gives off the appearance and durability of real gel nails without UV and damaging the nails.

The shade is a deep dark purple, which may not be quite so Spring appropriate but it's the polish that I always reach for when I'm not too sure what to pick.  It has a decent sized brush, not as wide as Essie but not too thin either which is perfect for my small nails.


Compared to other polishes, I absolutely love the application of Bond Street.  It's pretty much opaque in one stroke and you don't need to keep moving the formula around with the brush to get an even application.  I really can't fault the wear of this one.  While most polishes last quite a while on my nails, this one can last well over a week without any sign of chipping so it's the perfect polish to wear on holiday.

I'm definitely interesting in picking up a few more Gel Effects in the future if they're anything like this.. only I'm not sure which shade to choose!

What are you wearing on your nails this week?

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