April 11, 2014

Macadamia Flawless Cleansing Conditioner


I'm one of those lucky people who has to wash their hair every single day.  Over the years I've tried cutting down to washing it less regularly but I can't handle the feeling of greasy hair.  While I don't use straighteners or curlers regularly, my hair isn't so much heat damaged but I often feel it's being stripped of it's natural oils from overuse of sulphates in shampoo.  There's a concept known as Co-Washing which basically means cutting out shampoo completely and only using conditioner.  Now that Macadamia have came out with their Macadamia Flawless Cleansing Conditioner* you can now achieve the same effect from Co-Washing without the unbearable greasy hair stage.

Flawless is a 6-in-1 cleansing conditioner which promises to: cleanse, condition, detangle, volumise, eliminate frizz and cut down on blow drying time.  It's also free from surfactants, parabens and also contains Omega 3,5 and 7.  Sound good so far?

The texture of the product is like applying a thick, deep conditioning treatment on your hair.  Almost what I'd imagine Coconut Oil to feel like without having tried it personally.  The conditioner has a gorgeous scent which I'd say is sort of like a tropical plant, like that smell of walking into an indoor garden area.  It feels like silk on your hair and your hair feels clean and nourished after using it, without feeling like you've stripped all the oils away.  Washed out of the hair very easily too.

Once I'd washed it out of my hair and began the blow dry process, I didn't find my hair dried any quicker.  Actually it seemed to take much longer, though having said that I don't use a large amount of conditioner on my hair every day so it's hard to tell if it really would be quicker.

I was amazed to find my hair looked actually clean without using a single drop of shampoo.  My usual hair volume wasn't quite the same but after a few uses it was back to normal again.  On the first use, I did find I had to use a little bit of dry shampoo on my fringe during the second half of the day but this reduced the more I used Flawless and I feel like my hair was getting used to the transition.

While I was enjoying the shampoo-free experience, I quickly found that my experience was cut short after using the full can after 7 days which was a little disappointing.  Though if you do wash your hair less regularly than me, it will last you a lot longer.  For £8.75 per 90ml can, I don't feel it's something I can afford to buy every week but I'd definitely consider picking it up for a week of nourishment the next time I colour my hair.

If you're looking for a product to introduce you to a shampoo-free routine, definitely give this a go.  It also comes in a 250ml size can for £25.75 which I'd recommend you pick up if you want the full experience.  Even if you don't want to use this forever, I think it's a great transitioning product which you could use to begin with and use your normal conditioner once your hair has become used to the process.

*PR Sample

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