April 03, 2014

Lush Violet Nights Bath Oil

Lush Kitchen Violet Nights Bath Oil

Back when we attended the launch of Lush's new book Cosmetics To Go, we were lucky enough to go home with their Violet Nights Bath Oil which was specially made for the launch.  Now you know the drill: you get a limited edition product, fall in love with it and before you know it it's all gone, never to be purchased again.  Since the event I've been rationing my bottle but now there's hope as Lush are bringing it back as part of their Lush Kitchen range, hurray!  Now that the new Violet Nights Bath Oil* has just been released so I thought I'd give you a little sneak peek into what it's all about so you can get it before it's gone.

You might have heard about Lush's new venture Lush Kitchen but if you haven't, Lush are now making a small selection of limited edition products, made daily and exclusively online.  To add to the freshness, they're also shipped to you on the same day they're made.  At the moment the website lists a variety of products: Supertramp, Violet Nights and Lemon Melt to name a few but today we're just focusing on Violet Nights.

You've had a stressful day, you've taken your makeup off and you want to have a lovely relaxing bath before you go to bed.  Normally on these types of days I reach into my bath bomb stash but for days you want something with a little less fuss, a bath oil is what you need.  All you need to do is pop a few drops of Violet Nights into your bath, breathe in the relaxing scent and you come out the bath with super soft, silky skin.

Lush Kitchen Violet Nights Bath Oil

I'd say it's for people who want a nice relaxing scent but maybe don't favour the typical lavender scent.  I'd say this is much more of a vanilla mixed with sandalwood type scent.  I also find that because it's such a strong scent, it lingers on your skin and really helps you relax and fall asleep, almost like you've had a spa treatment!

The product will be exactly the same but what I do expect is that the packaging will be slightly different.  The size I have is 100ml whereas the new one will be 250ml so it will be double and a half the size of this bottle.  I did think it being priced at £13.95 was a little steep at first but it's definitely more understandable considering the amount of product you get.  Plus you only need about 3-4 drops a time so the larger bottle will last you a lifetime.

As of right now Violet Lights is available to buy but make sure you check the Lush.co.uk/Kitchen page so you don't miss out!

*PR sample

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