March 07, 2014

Jurlique Rose Collection

Jurlique Rose Hand Cream, Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist and Jurlique Essence of Rose Roll On Fragrance Oil

The beauty industry is full to the brim with all kinds of scents, especially when it comes to bath and body products. There really is a product available in every kind of scent from cookies to pineapples, there will be a product smelling of it! This is all great news if you're an experimental soul, but sometimes it's nice to just stick to the classics, if it ain't broke don't fix it eh? You can't really get a more classic scent than rose, it's such a grown up, nostalgic clean scent that has been used as fragrance forever. With this in mind, when I was given the chance to try some products from Jurlique's Rose Collection I was more than happy to accept.

The Jurlique Rose Hand Cream* (£17.00) is the height of luxury in my opinion, it's thick, silky and that rose scent lingers for hours after application. I love the simple packaging, this would look good on anyone's bedside table. Packed full of rose, calendula and viola, this cream deeply moisturises hands leaving them soft and supple. As it is such a thick and creamy formula, it does take a few minutes to properly absorb into the hands but that doesn't bother me at all. This is my favourite hand cream to use right before bed not only because the scent is calming and relaxing, but I know I'll wake up with super-soft hands.

I'm always a little dubious when it comes to facial sprays and waters, there's only a couple I've ever really liked or saw a difference with and I'm happy to add the Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist* (£16.50) to that list. This mist is wonderful, it's basically a daily hydrating facial mist packed full of rose extract to soften and refresh the skin. I've been using this everyday and my skin has never been so soft, the formula is so fine and gentle, and of course the scent just instantly brightens my mood. The rose scent featured throughout this range isn't the typical artificial perfumed scent you would expect. It's very natural and light, almost like a modern take on rose. This has become my favourite facial mist, I can't wait to take this with me next time I'm travelling. 

Finally, the Jurlique Essence of Rose Roll-on Fragrance Oil* (£16.50). This is probably my favourite out of the three, just because I'm such a sucker for these roller ball fragrances, they are just too handy! This 100% natural fragrance contains rose oils, Shea butter and Jurlique's very own organically grown rosa gallica. All of these ingredients combine to make this gorgeous grown up scent packed into a sleek little roller-ball that can go with you anywhere. This is such a feminine scent, not overpowering at all, but just loud enough to be noticed. The oil is so calming, it's perfect to have on hand during any stressful days or travelling to give your body and mind a little boost.

So my friends and family be warned, if you don't like the scent of rose then we best not hang out any time soon as I am covered head to toe in it! The full rose range from Jurlique is available in Marks & Spencer's and also on Look Fantastic amongst other places. With Mothers Day just around the corner I think products from this range would be perfect, much better than actual roses as these last much longer.

*PR Sample



  1. beautyaesthetic14 March 2014 at 12:35

    You won't regret it, it's the perfect facial pick me up for Spring! :) x

  2. I have recently ordered the Rosewater Balancing Mist and I am looking forward to giving it a go. Like you, I am always a bit dubious of facial sprays and spritzes but I always like to have something like that on my desk to brighten and wake me up whilst working.


  3. beautyaesthetic14 March 2014 at 12:35

    Thanks very much Sonia, we are glad you are enjoying our posts. You should definitely give this range a try, the products are lovely! x x

  4. Hi girls ! I am following you since few days ago, and you have great reviews from a lot of products :) It is nice to read you guys !Jurlique is one of the products I want to give it a try !!! :) it looks quite nice. x


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