February 27, 2014

February Favourites

february favourites

Here we are again at the end of another month, February has flown in and I'm glad we are starting to see some small signs of brighter weather as we approach March. That being said, the weather this month has been far from bright, it's been cold, wet and windy. So these are the products that have been brightening up my days during the month of February.

First up is a shampoo and conditioner combination, The Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Shampoo* is just wonderful. It smells really exotic, with strong hints of coconut and it lathers up a dream. Scent aside, the formula of this is brilliant, it leaves my hair clean, manageable and most importantly moisturised. This can also double up as a luxurious body wash, which I haven't tried yet as it works so well with my hair, I don't want to waste a drop anywhere else. The Paul Mitchell Detangler Conditioner* is seriously moisturising, it boasts an ingredients list that would make your smoothie blush it's so natural. Every time I use this it's like my hair has a new lease of life. It gives my hair a little mini- makeover without weighing it down, and obviously it detangles like a dream, perfect for my long thick hair. 

With Spring fast approaching I can't help but freshen up my make-up a little, and for me lip gloss is usually one of the main ways I do that. I'm not the biggest fan of lip gloss, but the Burberry Lip Glow Natural Gloss in Cameo 08* most definitely converted me. This is the perfect mix of colour and shine, and considering it's a gloss it's really moisturising and long lasting. If your not a gloss girl then I'd strongly suggest you try one of these out as you will be converted. The packaging is also beautiful, perfect for creating some make-up envy!

Everytime I go to America I can never resist popping into Victorias Secret, what girl could? Whenever I'm there, sales always seem to be on, which is even better. It's now a tradition that I pick up one of the body sprays, last time I opted for a really tropical scent. However, this time I wanted something a little different. The Victorias Secret Moonlight Kiss Fragrance Mist is nothing but addictive. It's a grown up sexy scent that really lingers all day, when I use this I normally skip perfume all together as it's got the same scent pay-off as a perfume and lasts just as long. I was so sad I couldn't get the shower gel to match this, but that’s the nature of sales I guess.

The Body Shop Body Butters are always present in my bathroom, because in my opinion they are the best of their kind. The past couple of months my favourite has been The Body Shop Honeymania Body Butter. Like all of the butters in the range this smells incredible, it's not too much of an artificial honey scent, it's actually quite subtle. The formula is great, easily absorbed, super moisturising and that lovely scent sticks around all day. These butters make really great gifts, even if it is just a gift for yourself!

The Eyeko Fat Brush Mascara* has everything I love about a mascara, a fat brush, durable packaging, long lasting formula and really black pigmentation. The super fat brush gives so much lift and volume to the lashes, whilst the true black formula creates sleek long separated lashes. I'm currently trying out the Black Magic version of this, and it's really good, but I don't think anything could compare to this one.

So that concludes my top picks from February, be sure to leave a comment below telling me what you've been loving this month! I can't believe that next time we put up a favourites post it will be Spring, so exciting.


  1. i love body shop body butters as well! my fav is shea butter!! smells wonderful! great post :)

  2. beautyaesthetic14 March 2014 at 12:35

    I've never tried the shea butter one, I'll need to make that the next on my list! Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed the post. - L x x


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