January 13, 2014

Teapigs Pick n' Mix Sample Pack

teapigs mix n match

As a bit of a tea addict, I definitely wanted to branch out a bit and try a whole variety of different teas.  I’ve been getting into green teas, chamomiles and earl greys but I’ve never really tried anything out of the ordinary so for Christmas I was given this lovely Teapigs Pick n’ Mix Sample Pack which features 12 different kinds of teas which you can pick and choose from the list of teas they offer.  Each little sample pack features 2 tea bags of each flavour so you can get a taste of whether you like it or not, without spending a fortune on a full sized pack.  Here’s the teas I got in my pack and what I thought of them.

teapigs mix n match everyday brew, popcorn tea and chamomile flowers

Everyday Brew - I think it’s always good to pop in an everyday tea as it’s always a safe bet that you’ll like it.  I quite like everyday teas to be quite strong, my usual is Typhoo so I found this one to be quite average.  I wouldn’t choose this over my usual tea but it definitely tastes nice and what you’d expect an everyday tea to taste like. 3/5

Popcorn Tea - If you’re expecting popcorn to pop in your tea, sadly not haha.  This tea has a sort of nutty taste mixed with green tea which is a really nice twist.  I wouldn’t say it’s sweet at all but the popcorn definitely adds a bit of interesting flavour to the green tea. 3/5

Chamomile Flowers - I drink Chamomile tea all the time and it’s just as I imagine it would taste.  It’s quite naturally sweet and it’s a great tea to have before bed or if you need a moment to relax. 4/5

teapigs mix n match darjeeling earl grey, mao feng green tea and rooibos

Darjeeling Earl Grey - Earl grey is one of my favourite kinds of teas so I was really looking forward to trying this one.  It has a lovely bergamot flavour and it’s really easy to drink.  If I’m honest I wouldn’t be able to tell a difference between this Teapigs kind against my other Earl Grey teas so it’s not anything extraordinary but definitely a good one to choose if you’re not sure what to try. 4/5

Mao Feng Green Tea - It’s said to be a good alternative to people who don’t like the green tea taste but I don’t think it tastes like peaches or apricots like it suggests.  The taste is almost bearable but the smell ruined it for me, it’s not a pleasant smelling tea; sort of smells like boiled cabbage.  Never again. 0/5

Rooibos - I’d heard of rooibos tea before but never tried it until now.  The taste is quite sweet, sort of fruity with a fiery taste to it which isn’t all that bad.  I don’t think I’d choose this over my other favourite teas but it’s always nice to try something different. 3/5

teapigs mix n match chocolate flake tea, jasmine pearls and silver tips white tea

Chocolate Flake Tea - My first thought when seeing this one was, chocolate tea? Amazing! Sadly it didn’t live up to expectations at all.  It definitely had a chocolatey scent but the taste was very bitter and not sweet in the slightest. 1/5

Jasmine Pearls - I love the jasmine scent so I was pretty certain I’d like this too.  It’s a green tea with a real floral kick to it which makes it taste really refreshing and calming. I’d repurchase this one for sure. 5/5

Silver Tips White Tea - I’ve never tried white tea until now so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  When I put the hot water in, the leaves unraveled and it looked quite like grass but I didn’t expect it to actually taste like grass.  Or as I’d imagine grass to taste like! Sadly I couldn’t get over the grassy taste and couldn’t finish the whole cup, so it’s safe to say I won’t be purchasing this one in full size. 1/5

teapigs mix n match chai tea, tung ting oolong tea and rooibos crème caramel

Chai Tea - There’s been so much hype about Chai tea lately so I was really looking forward to trying it out.  This stuff is amazing! I'm usually not a fan of spicy tea but I absolutely loved the taste and I can't wait to use the other tea bag. Definitely repurchasing in the future. 5/5

Tung Ting Oolong Tea - I was a little afraid to try this one as it sounds like the most unusual out of them all, but the taste isn't unusual at all.  It’s basically a cross between green tea and black tea, so it makes it much easier to drink as it isn't as bitter as pure green tea.  Quite good for those who want to transition to green tea but usually only drink normal everyday tea. 4/5

Rooibos Crème Caramel - I was excited to try a caramel flavoured tea bit sadly it seems I had a really rubbish batch.  Basically no caramel pieces in it at all.  It seems to be quite a common problem with this tea so order with caution on this one.  Without any caramel, the taste wasn't for me. 0/5

I think the Pick n Mix Sample Pack would make a really great gift for tea lovers out there.  The fact that you can choose between 22 different kind means you can personalise it to suit the receiver.  I also picked out one for Lisa too but she doesn't know it yet!  If I were to choose full sized packs based on trying these out, I'd definitely go for the Chai Tea and Jasmine Pearls teas.

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  1. Have tried the Jasmine Pearls tea and love it too. What a great idea to do a sample pack!

    Holly ♥ petitepromise.blogspot.co.uk


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