January 17, 2014

Origins Mask Marvels Set

Origins has always been a brand I've wanted to try but wasn't too sure where to start.  During Christmas they had some amazing gift sets out so I thought, what better time to give their most popular face masks a try.  I picked up the Mask Marvels set, which was not an easy find considering how popular it was, which contains the: Clear Improvement, Drink Up and Drink Up Intensive masks at ever so slightly smaller 75ml bottles compared to the 100ml full sized versions.  If you have dehydrated skin or clogged pores, look no further.

I’m no stranger to clay masks so I was looking forward to trying out Clear Improvement.  Charcoal products are fairly new to me but having used a Lush face soap with charcoal in it before, I knew that it would be fine to use on my skin and it’s definitely good for those with oily skin.  Unlike other clay masks, I find this one applies quite thinly on the face and dries much quicker which is great for those who don’t want to wait around.  It basically draws out all the nasties in your pores and once you remove it your face feels so fresh and clean.  With the cold weather, my skin has been really dry with a sort of gritty texture and I can definitely notice a difference once I remove it.  It can be quite a hard one to remove but with a warm flannel, it should come off much easier.  I also love that it comes in clear packaging so you can see exactly how much you have left.

I've dabbled in moisture masks previously but Origins are definitely known for having some of the best so naturally I had quite high hopes for it.  Drink Up is a 10 minute moisture mask which gives a helping hand of hydration to the skin.  Often if I'm preparing to go on a night out, I find my skin is either too dry or too oily that my makeup doesn't apply as well as it should so I find it really useful to pop this on before getting ready and it makes such a difference.  I love the scent and it’s always handy to have around if you need a quick boost of hydration.

The one I was most excited to try has to be Drink Up Intensive.  The fact that I could go to bed with horrible dry skin and wake up with hydrated, glowing skin sounded amazing to me.  It has the same fruity scent as Drink Up and applies just the same.  One thing which always annoyed me about face masks is the effort you need to put in to take it all off so it’s definitely a fuss free mask.  I definitely use Drink Up Intensive more than Drink Up for that reason so if you're deciding against the two, this would be my pick.

I was really impressed with the set and would highly recommend all three masks, depending on what your skin needs.  One thing I would say is that the masks are definitely quick fixes and won’t give a long term benefit to your skin.  Though with regular use maybe once or twice a week really helps to balance things out and keep your skin looking and feeling lovely.

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