January 15, 2014

New Beauty Releases

new beauty releases: Nars Narsissist Palette, Sleek Blush By 3 in Pink Lemonade and Californ.I.A, Ciate Nail Lab and Clinique 16 Shades of Beige Collection
It’s always an exciting time when beauty brands bring out their new collections so I thought I’d share a few things which I’m really looking forward to, coming out in the next month or so.  It’s safe to say the vampy reds are definitely gone and nude’s are going to be pretty big this upcoming season.


Sleek is launching two new shades of their Blush By 3 Palettes, named Pink Lemonade and Californ.I.A which coincidently launch today!  Pink Lemonade is definitely the most wearable shades out of the two, featuring 2 powders and 1 cream blush in a trio of dusky rose shades.  Californ.I.A is definitely for the coral lovers, featuring 3 powders with orange toned pinks and a peachy pink in the middle.  Each palette is priced at £9.99 and available from Boots, Superdrug and the Sleek website.  Definitely one for summer tans!

NARSissists Eye Palette

Only three words get all the beauty bloggers in a frenzy, new NARS palette.  The NARSissist Eye Palette is said to set the stage for future products to come and features 15 eyeshadows of their most loved shades in a single palette.  Heaven!  The shades are very earthy and wearable so any eyeshadow lover will definitely get a lot of use out of it.  Shades include: All About Eve, Madrague, Fez, Bali, Coconut Grove, Madrague II, Nepal, Ashes to Ashes, Brousse, Mekong, Bellissima, Lhasa, Bad Behaviour, Dogon and Pandora.  No swatches available here but British Beauty Blogger has it all taken care of.  One thing I was especially surprised about was the price at £55.  Normally a 6 eyeshadow palette from NARS would set you back around £45 so it’s definitely an amazing value for money.  Set to arrive on the 1st of February in all department stores.  Better write the date on your calendar, if the other palettes by NARS are anything to go by, this will sell out fast!

Clinique’s 16 Shades of Beige Collection is all set for the nude trend, soon to be arriving on the 7th of February.  The collection features eight limited edition A Different Nail Enamel of Sensitive Skin nail polish shades at £12 each and the All About Shadow Neutral Territory 2 with a selection of eight very neutral eyeshadows at £32.  Mainly pale shades with two darker chocolate toned shades at the end.  Think the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette but extended.  I’ve really been getting into wearing nude shades lately so this collection sounds wonderful.

I think you all know how much I love nail polish so anything nail polish related is always exciting.  If you love a bit of DIY, Ciaté have introduced their Nail Lab which is a web exclusive, at-home kit to create your own different kinds of nail polish which no one else will own.  The set features: Mistress, Pillow Fight, Rain Coat, Ferris Wheel, Power Dressing & Amazing Gracie mini paint pots, 4 Empty Mini Paint Pots, 6 Suspension Top Coat Minis, 12 assorted Glitters, 1 Scooper, 2 Mini Test Tubes, 1 Petri Dish, 1 Funnel, 1 Mini Nail File, 1 roll of customisable Labels.  So even if your own creations don’t quite work out, you’ll still have 6 new nail polishes!  I think this would make a great gift for someone who loves trying on all different kinds of nail polish, or if you have a friend who’s a nail technician, I’m sure they’d love this kit.  As the kit is pretty extensive, it is priced at £65 but you could always split it between friends or family to make it less costly.  It’s available for preorder now and will begin despatch on the 10th of February.

Are there any new launches you’re excited about lately? Also let us know if you'd liked this kind of post and if to hear more about new launches possibly bi-weekly or monthly?

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