January 24, 2014

Nails Inc Collection - Cold Shades

nails inc shades collection

Unlike other makeup products where you can try before you buy, sadly it isn't the case with nail polish.  You basically have to buy and hope for the best that not only the colour is what you want, but also the quality of the application is at a good standard.  Especially since returning makeup items in the UK is pretty much impossible.  I know how expensive nail polishes can be so in order for you all to get a good idea of what to expect, I've taken on the pretty large task of reviewing all my Nails Inc polishes.  On Monday I went through all the warm shades in my Nails Inc Collection Part 1 post so today is all about the colder shades and glitters.

Nails Inc Black Taxi, Nails Inc Motcomb Street, Nails Inc Kabaret, Nails Inc The Mall, Nails Inc Bond Street

1. Black Taxi - is your typical pitch black shade.  Unlike usual black shades I’ve tried before, this applies evenly, isn’t too thick and applies with a glossy finish.  Everything you’d want in a black nail polish. 5/5

2. Motcomb Street - is a great shade for winter.  A very dark blue, navy shade with a glossy finish which looks almost black in certain lights.  A dupe for Essie School Boy Blazer. 3/5

3. Kabaret - is almost identical to Motcomb Street but with more of a blue shimmer running through it. Very dark blue with a bit more dimension. 4/5

4. The Mall - is a metallic indigo shade.  Sometimes blue sometimes purple in certain light with a slightly more matte texture. 5/5

5. Bond Street (Gel Effect) - is a shade from the Gel Effect collection.  Applies just like a gel polish, dries almost instantly with a super glossy finish.  Really impressed with the formula of these. 5/5

Nails Inc Old Bond Street, Nails Inc The Serpentine, Nails Inc Baker Street, Nails Inc Queen Victoria Street, Nails Inc Green Park

6. Old Bond Street - is slightly more blue toned than Bond Street with a matte texture.  Applies sheer to begin with but opaque on the second coat. 3/5

7. The Serpentine - is a muted navy greyish blue shade with a glossy finish.  Quite a sophisticated colour, easy way to wear blue nail polish. 4/5

8. Baker Street - is a matte electric blue shade which suits any skin tone.  One of my all time favourites and named my favourite of 2013.  5/5

9. Queen Victoria Street - is an emerald green shade, very bold and glossy.  Definitely a colour to wear to be noticed. 4/5

10. Green Park - is a muted green/slate grey shade, subtle and glossy. 3/5

Nails Inc Haymarket, Nails Inc Chelsea Physic Garden, Nails Inc Sheraton Street, Nails Inc The Thames, Nails Inc The Southbank, Nails Inc Floral Street

11. Haymarket - is a pastel mint green shade.  Applies opaque in one swatch with a matte finish. 4/5

12. Chelsea Physic Garden - is a baby blue, pastel shade with a glossy finish.  Sadly it seems it was limited edition and part of the Spring/Summer collection last year. 4/5

13. Sheraton Street - is blue toned light grey.  I really love wearing grey because it’s quite an easy shade to wear and it doesn’t look too bold. 4/5

14. The Thames - is a slate grey shade which is an exact match for the grey feature wall in my room (usually my background for photographs).  Slightly less harsh than wearing black and will be perfect with a winter outfit. 4/5

15. The Southbank - is a lighter grey than Sheraton Street which coincidently is the exact same shade as the bag I featured in my What’s In My Bag post.  A great dupe is Models Own Misty Grey. 5/5

16. Floral Street - is a pure white shade.  Even whiter than my nail swatch wheel! This would look amazing with a tan or on darker skintones. 3/5

Nails Inc Old Street, Nails Inc Buckingham Court, Nails Inc Chelsea Embankment, Nails Inc Marylebone, Nails Inc Topping Lane, Nails Inc Bankside

17. Old Street (Graffiti) - is pure madness in a nail polish.  It sort of looks like a firework went off on your nails.  It has all different glitter shapes and a mix of blue, gold and red colours.  Sadly these kind of polishes aren’t really my thing but if you want to be a little adventurous, go for it! 2/5

18. Buckingham Court (Galaxy) - is a mix of red glitter with hints of gold to add a bit of texture.  I think this would be great as a feature nail on your ring finger with a classic red underneath. 3/5

19. Chelsea Embankment - is a stunning fine gold glitter which can be achieved with only one coat.  It sort of reminds me of the gold dress Beyonce wore when I saw her at Glastonbury. 5/5

20. Marylebone (3D Glitter) - is a gorgeous lilac glitter, similar texture to Chelsea Embankment but with added silver glitter specs running through it. 5/5

21. Topping Lane (Sprinkles) - is a lovely pink polish with round specks of multicoloured glitter.  It can be worn on it’s own with 3 coats and looks like the icing on a cupcake, definitely a fun polish. 3/5

22. Bankside (Modern Art) - is a toned down version of Old Street but with matte glitter.  Personally I find this one a little dull and the colour from the polish doesn’t translate to the nail. 1/5

Nails Inc Battersea, Nails Inc Diamond Arcade, Nails Inc Cambridge Terrace, Nails Inc Sloane Square, Nails Inc Maddox Street, Nails Inc Mayfair Mews

23. Battersea - is a fine emerald glitter.  The shade is quite mermaid like and as it’s so fine, it does need around 3-4 coats should you plan to wear it alone.  Definitely an attention grabbing shade, which I think would look lovely on the ring finger. It’s also a web exclusive so you can only get it online. 4/5

24. Diamond Arcade (Diamond) - is a silver glitter with a holographic shine.  It has glitters of all different shapes, with sharp edges to resemble a diamond but the style isn’t really one I’d reach for. 2/5

25. Cambridge Terrace - is a metallic silver shade.  It has a sort of futuristic vibe to it and turns opaque in one coat so it’s very easy to apply. 3/5

26. Sloane Square (3D Glitter) - is a silvery grey glitter with holographic sparkles.  It has quite an icy look to it and it’s actually a very wearable shade, I really like this. 5/5

27. Maddox Street - is a black shade with very subtle silver shimmer running through it.  As you might know these kind of polishes are my favourite so for non glitter wearers, it’s a good one to try. 4/5

28. Mayfair Mews (Fibre Optic)- is a purple glitter with long strips to resemble fibre optics.  It sort of gives your nail a hairy texture which I’m not a fan of at all but the purple shade is pretty. 1/5

That’s all my Nails Inc polishes, I promise there aren't any more!  I hope this gave you a good idea of which polishes to look out for and which ones might be best to avoid.  I'd love to hear what some of your favourite shades are, whether it be budget brands or high end shades so let me know in the comments!

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