January 20, 2014

Nails Inc Collection - Warm Shades

nails inc shades collection

You might remember a few months back, I wrote a post on my Nails Inc Collection.  Well it’s safe to say, that collection has grown quite a bit since then.  Don't worry I don't have a shopping addiction, before Christmas I actually won a competition to win 50 Nails Inc polishes which for a nail polish fanatic, is pretty exciting!  I debated whether to write this post for a while as I’m not here to brag by any means, it’s not in my nature.  But for those who want to invest their money into these polishes like I have before, I want you to get the most out of your money.  So I've taken on the very large task of reviewing all the polishes I have on hand, complete with swatches, to help you decide which ones are worth it.  Lets start off with the warm shades.

Nails Inc Victoria, Nails Inc Richmond Terrace, Nails Inc Regent Street, Nails Inc The Boltons, Nails Inc Tate and Nails Inc St James

1. Victoria - is a deep dark red, vampy shade.  It has a real glossy finish and looks amazing teamed up with a dark lipstick. 5/5

2. Richmond Terrace - is a dark brown/plum shade which is the most recent vip polish from Nails Inc.  It’s quite a good alternative to black as it’s a little bit softer and will look great with any outfit with the glossy finish. 3/5

3. Regent Street - is almost identical to Victoria but ever so slightly lighter.  Has the same gorgeous glossy finish but if you have Victoria already I wouldn't purchase this one too. 4/5

4. The Boltons - is a gorgeous metallic red which is a dupe for NARS Rouge Andalou which I've been lusting after for so long.  It’s such a striking shade and I get a ton of compliments when I wear it. 5/5

5. Tate - is a classic dark red, quite a similar shade to Mac Russian Red Lipstick if you're familiar with it.  Less brown than Regent Street and has a glossy finish. 4/5

6. St James - is your classic red.  In my opinion, everyone needs at least one classic red in their collection.  Lovely glossy finish and easy to apply. 5/5

Nails Inc The Hurlingham, Nails Inc Savile Row, Nails Inc St Martin's Lane, Nails Inc Piccadilly Circus, Nails Inc Devonshire Row and Nails Inc Mali-Woo-Woo

7. The Hurlingham - is an orange toned red, sort of a slight twist on your classic red.  I think this kind of shade looks amazing with a tan. 4/5

8. Savile Row - is a deep rich plum shade. I’d say aubergine is the best way to describe it and even has that sort of shiny, glossy texture. 3/5

9. St Martin’s Lane - is a deep wine shade.  Lighter than Savile Row with slightly more red tones. 3/5

10. Piccadilly Circus - is a deep pink shade.  It applies very opaque, one coat is all you need.  Not too far off Barry M’s Pomegranate Nail Paint. 4/5

11. Devonshire Row - is a rich lilac shade.  It’s not a shade you see very often in nail polish.  Lovely glossy finish and easy to apply. 3/5

12. Mali-Woo-Woo - is a hot pink shade which sadly was exclusive to the Maliboutique event.  Not to worry as a shade coming up is pretty much identical! 4/5

Nails Inc Notting Hill Gate, Nails Inc Shoreditch, Nails Inc Brompton Place, Nails Inc Bruton Street, Nails Inc Warwick Avenue, Nails Inc South Molton Street

13. Notting Hill Gate - is a barbie pink shade.  Sadly this shade applies very sheer, with 3 coats needed to turn opaque but may even need a 4th.  It has quite a neon/mattified texture which could explain why it’s so sheer. 2/5

14. Shoreditch - is a hot pink shade and is the perfect alternative to Mali-Woo-Woo.  Held side by side, they're identical and probably are likely to be the same shade. 4/5

15. Brompton Place - is a bright, bubblegum pink shade.  It’s a one coat wonder and doesn’t apply too thick which many pink shades do.  Perfect for any girly girls. 4/5

16. Bruton Street - is a dusky rose shade.  It’s the kind of colour I could see Lisa wearing and it’s perfect if you want to wear pink but a little more muted. 3/5

17. Warwick Avenue - is a very pale pink shade.  It’s very feminine and has a lovely glossy finish. 3/5

18. South Molton Street - is an even paler, almost white pink shade.  It’s the sort of pink you’d find in French manicure sets but for a pale pink, it applies wonderfully.  Does take a few coats to get there but it’s worth it. 4/5

Nails Inc Jermyn Street, Nails Inc Lowndes Square, Nails Inc Wellington Square, Nails Inc Portobello, Nails Inc Brook Street, Nails Inc Stratford

19. Jermyn Street - is a soft taupe shade with a glossy finish.  It’s actually a best selling shade but sadly it’s not a colour I’d go for. 2/5

20. Lowndes Square - is a mauve/lilac shade with a glossy finish.  It has quite a grey undertone to it which makes it very wearable during the day. 3/5

21. Wellington Square - is a pastel peachy orange shade.  I've never come across a shade like this and with the orange tones I think it would look great with a tan and for the spring and summer months. 4/5

22. Portobello - is a neon orange which is quite sheer to begin with.  The texture is quite matte but I don't think it applies all that great, especially being such a popular shade. 2/5

23. Brook Street - is a bright coral shade with a glossy finish.  Coral is always a popular colour during spring/summer so this shade will be perfect for the upcoming seasons. 4/5

24. Stratford - is a metallic gold shade.  The website describes this shade as rose gold but I think it applies with much more of a pale gold/silvery finish on application. 2/5

Nails Inc Oxford Street, Nails Inc Holland Park Avenue, Nails Inc Lanesborough Place, Nails Inc Soho Mews, Nails Inc Porchester Square, Nails Inc Belsize Park

25. Oxford Street - is a dark chocolate brown shade from the Autumn/Winter collection.  It has a glossy finish and is a good alternative to black. 3/5

26. Holland Park Avenue - is a grey toned brown with a glossy finish.  Lighter than Oxford Street and sort of leaning towards the nude category so it’s a very wearable shade. 3/5

27. Lanesborough Place - is a rich metallic gold shade.  Sadly not one for pale skin tones as the shade makes me look washed out but would look much better on darker skintones. 2/5

28. Soho Mews (Leather Effect) - is a nude brown shade with the textured leather effect.  I wasn't sure if I'd like it but after application, I love the finish.  It also goes extremely well with a pair of nude shoes I own so definitely a winner. 4/5

29. Porchester Square - is a muted mushroom shade.  It’s one of their bestselling nail polishes and I was always unsure why.  Though after swatching it, it’s definitely a lovely wearable shade which will suit a variety of skin tones. 4/5

30. Belsize Park - is a bright yellow, one coat wonder.  Of course I had to save the most obnoxious shade for last.  Coincidentally my first ever nail polish purchase was a bright yellow, exactly like this one so the shade does bring back some memories.  Attention grabbing and application is spot on. 4/5

If you’ve made it this far, well done you!  I really hope this was helpful for you all and you can hopefully pick out a few nail polish shades to add to your wishlist.  Make sure you tune in for part 2 where I'll be talking about the colder shades plus a few glitters thrown in the mix too.

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