December 11, 2013

Lush: Danger! Cosmetics To Go Event

Lush Cosmetics To Go
Did you know the origins of Lush date back to 1977? It wasn’t always called Lush either.  The company Cosmetics To Go started off the whole thing and blossomed into the company we all know and love.  Even some of the products from the original company still exist in some form today.  Now why this history lesson you ask? Well, Lush have recently came out with a brand new book: Danger! Cosmetics To Go*, written by Mira Manga, which tells the story of how it all began.  Filled with beautiful illustrations and an insight into the past, it’s sure to be a great gift for Lush fans out there.

Now we won’t give away too much of what to expect in the book because we wouldn’t want to spoil it for you all.  The book definitely tells a story which is very easy to follow; from when the company started, the types of products which were sold, the invention of some of our most loved Lush products today and the downfall of Cosmetics To Go which later resulted in Lush being created.  A few of our favourite pages include: The Invention of the Bath Bomb, The Invention of the Shampoo Bar, The Ten Company Rules and The Summer Sale so definitely watch out for those when you pick up the book.

Lush Christmas and Cosmetics To Go Event
Two words all beauty addicts love to hear, Lush and Christmas.  Now it would be a crime not to take a look at all the Christmas offerings our trusty Buchanan Street store has on offer.  Snow Fairy, Cinders and all of our Christmassy favourites are back in town but there’s some really impressive gift sets available this year along with a few new additions to the bath bomb collection.

Lush Cosmetics To Go Event
There’s a couple themes around the sets this year.  From the Ziggy Stardust collection, expect lots of stars and glitter.  The set we’ve had our eye on is White Christmas which features 16 products, each with their own compartments so the box will come in handy for storing your Lush bath bombs in the future.  Next is Vintage Fireworks which is all about excitement and fun, think the sort of POW and BANG you’d find in old comic books.  Even one of the sets opens like a Christmas cracker, it’s amazing!  Last but not least is the William Morris collection for a more traditional option and was Lisa’s favourite from the range.  Perfect for anyone who’s a fan of the Arts and Crafts movement and they'll look beautiful under the tree.

We had such a lovely time and it’s definitely put us in the Christmas mood.  It won’t be long before we’ve stocked up on the whole Christmas range.. or maybe just a few bath bombs at least!  Big thanks to the author Mira, Olivia and all the staff at Buchanan Street for a lovely festive evening!  If you’re interested in Danger! Cosmetics to Go, you can pick it up online or in Lush stores.

Where to buy: Danger! Cosmetics To Go Book - Lush (£19.95)

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