December 20, 2013

Label M Thickening Range

label m thickening range

Around this time of year is probably the only time I experiment with hair tools in preparation for the party season.  I’d love to be able to curl my hair everyday but the end result is always a little disappointing.  It’s not necessarily the curlers fault, but the haircare I use beforehand can have a huge effect on the overall look and how the curls last.  Having naturally thick hair, I’m no stranger to a bit of volume but when it comes to party perfect hair I’ve been reaching for the Label M Thickening Range* to do all the hard work for me.

The Label M Thickening range features 4 products: A shampoo, conditioner, volume foam and thickening cream.  Usually any kind of texturising or thickening haircare range makes your hair feel really hard and gritty but I haven’t found this at all, more like your hair has a little more hold than normal.

The Thickening Shampoo* and Thickening Conditioner* come in huge 300ml bottles so they should last quite a long time.  They have a gorgeous fruity scent which I wasn’t expecting and both work really well together.  Normally I have to use shampoo twice but I’ve found this is clarifying enough for 1 rinse but I don’t feel it dries my hair out either.  Normally if I was attempting a volumised hair look I’d skip the conditioner altogether but it doesn’t weigh the hair down at all and makes it a lot easier to comb through so I’d definitely pick up the two if you’re thinking of buying the set.

Honestly the shampoo and conditioner alone are more than enough to achieve thicker hair but if you’re looking for something a little extra, they also have a Volume Foam and Thickening Cream.

In all honestly the Volume Foam* isn’t for me.  I’m a little scared about putting products onto dry hair so I could tell we weren’t going to get along before using it.  The texture of the foam is quite wet and a little comes out with each pump so you won’t end up with a huge amount of foam which is a bonus.  I have tried it on wet hair but as I used a tiny amount I didn’t notice a huge difference in using it so it’s best probably used on dry hair.  If you like these sort of qualities in a hair foam, you’ll probably love it but it’s just not for me sadly!

If you want to intensify the effect of the shampoo and conditioner, you’ll want to pick up the Thickening Cream*. It’s basically a heat activated cream which you apply to wet hair and it sort of expands the hair strands and gives it more body.  It also protects hair from UV rays and heat styling so it’s great to apply before using hair curlers or rollers.  I wouldn’t say it’s an everyday essential but for nights out or if you find your hair is a little flat it definitely gives a lot more to work with.

As the range was an official haircare product during London Fashion Week, it’s definitely a must have for hairdressers/session stylists to create really interesting hair looks but the range is definitely desirable for everyday consumers too.  If you're looking for a new haircare range to experiment with, I'd definitely give it a go.

*PR Sample

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