November 11, 2013

NARS One Night Stand Palette

Nars One Night Stand Palette

When I hear the sound of a new NARS eyeshadow palette coming out, the majority of the time I can just about control myself.  While I love my Modern Love palette, I'm not a huge eyeshadow wearer so there isn't really any reason for me to add more into my collection.  However, mention a blush palette with 6 blusher/bronzer shades and the self control goes out of the window.  The NARS One Night Stand limited edition palette will be making it’s way into all the beauty lovers makeup bags, just make sure you get on the backorder list quick before it’s gone!

I've had nothing but great experiences using NARS products and it’s always been tempting to add a few more blush shades into my collection.  But the fact that the individual blushers are around £20+ each, I’m not really in a rush to buy them all at once at that price.  The palette itself features 4 blusher shades: Mistinguette, Orgasm, Deep Throat and Goulue, their classic Laguna bronzer and Devotee highlighting blush.

Before the palette arrived, I was expecting a much smaller palette but it’s actually a pretty decent sized palette, probably about the full length of my hand.  Each blusher has 4g of product compared to the usual 4.8g in the individual blushers so if you were to buy each of these individually, you'd probably be set back around £120 so at £45, this palette is amazing value for money.

NARS One Night Stand Palette

Devotee Highlighting Blush - I've dabbled in a few highlighters but as an oily skinned person, I’m usually used to mattifying my face rather than making it shiny so it’s been a bit of a learning curve.  That said, Devotee has a slightly pink undertone to it which makes it a lot more natural looking than a bold white shade so it will look lovely on the cheekbones or to highlight the brow bone.

Mistinguette Blush - Seriously bright shades like Mistinguette usually scare me but in actual fact, is one of the shades that pale complexions can pull off really well.  It’s the only matte shade in the palette and I think it adds more variety as most of the shades are quite a peachy/coral tone.

Orgasm Blush - We've all heard of the classic Orgasm blush from NARS, just once I wish they'd leave it out of their palettes.  Personally I think the shade has been overdone and I’d like to see something different but it’s still a lovely golden pink shade.

Laguna Bronzer - I've always thought Laguna would be too dark for my pale complexion but despite the dark shade in the pan, it actually applies very lightly and as long as I don’t go too crazy it looks really natural.  I can see why everyone loves it and as a bronzer newbie, I’m looking forward to giving it a proper try.

Deep Throat Blush - Another NARS classic but it’s definitely one of those shades that everyone can wear.  Think of it as a slightly more toned down version of Orgasm with a peachy shade to it.

Goulue Blush - I'd say this is much more of an Autumnal shade as it has a slight berry tone to it.  I'd say it’s actually quite similar to my Clinique Blush in Sunset Glow but with a lot less shimmer so I can’t wait to use this through the colder months.

There has been quite a bit of controversy around the collaboration with Guy Bourdin which I’m not fond of myself.  It’s not something that I want to go into detail on as we like to keep things quite light on the blog and we'd rather judge makeup on it’s own abilities but Temptalia wrote up some more info about it which is definitely worth a read.

Aside from the negativity, I think the One Night Stand palette is one of the best beauty releases I've seen in a long time and a must have for any NARS fans out there.  Originally when I ordered mine it was on back order to arrive in December but it arrived on the 4th of November so if you're waiting you might expect it to arrive a little sooner than expected!  It’s limited edition and exclusive to Space NK (or Sephora if outside the UK) so make sure you get it before it’s gone!

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