November 04, 2013

Firework Inspired Nail Polish

Firework Inspired Nail Polish.  Barry M, Models Own, OPI, Butter London

While some years I make it out to Glasgow Green to watch the firework display for Guy Fawkes night, this year I’m staying in to take care of my poor dog who’s absolutely terrified of them.  Not to worry, I’m sure I’ll enjoy watching a few from my window but I thought, why not pick out a lovely firework inspired glitter nail shade for the occasion?  While I haven't settled on a shade quite yet, I have narrowed it down to 3 categories to choose from so here are my choices.

Firework Inspired Nail Polish.  OPI and Models Own

First off is OPI’s Lights of Emerald City which has chunks of square white glitter and hints of icy blue glitter mixed in.  It can be a little hard to apply but once you get it right it does stand out in a good way.  For a slightly less obnoxious choice Models Own Juicy Jules is a much finer silver glitter and when it catches the light, the glitter specks have a sort of holographic/rainbow effect.  Last up is OPI’s Which is Which? while very similar to Juicy Jules, it does have slightly chunkier glitter for a more dramatic effect though I'm not sure it could be applied without a colour underneath.

Firework Inspired Nail Polish. Models Own, Illamasqua, Sinful Colors and OPI

For something a little bit more exciting I’ve picked out a few of my coloured glitters for the occasion.  Illamasqua Untold has a sort of Wizard of Oz red glittery shoe vibe going on and with a couple of layers the colour can really stand on it’s own.  For the gold shade I picked out the Models Own Hedkandi Disco Heaven shade but sadly after swatching it didn’t have the same impact as the rest of the shades.  One of my old favourites OPI’s Gone Gonzo! is always a fun shade to wear and has a sort of an icy blue vibe going on but with a strong purple shade underneath, the budget buy from Sinful Colours I Miss You is definitely a strong contender.

Firework Inspired Nail Polish.  Barry M, Models Own, OPI, Butter London

If I can’t decide which colour to go for, why not a multi-coloured choice?  Barry M’s Amethyst Glitter is one that hasn't received much attention in my collection but when applied it to the nails it gives a lovely layered effect without looking too over the top.  The bloggers favourite Models Own Hedkandi Ibiza Mix is definitely on my list of potentials though it definitely needs a colour underneath to stand out.  Last but not least one of the latest editions to my nail polish collection, Butter London’s The Black Knight* has much more of a night time look, basically a dark nail polish with very fine specks of glitter for a more subtle, sophisticated look.

Now you’ve seen all the shades and swatches, I’d love some input from our readers.  Which shade do you think I should go for?

*PR Sample

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