October 04, 2013

Feeling Better Routine

Feeling Better Routine

When I’m feeling a little poorly I find having a select few products around really helps lift my mood and feel a little less sorry for myself.  It’s usually around this time of year I seem to always pick up some sort of flu or cold.  Perhaps it’s due to the fact I can never find a winter jacket that suits me in time for the cold weather but I’m always prepared beauty wise for when the time comes.

Of course as you know, I’m a little bit of a candle addict and I always have one burning in the background.  My recent favourite is this lovely one by Flamingo Candles in Fresh Peppermint*.  I’ve been on the hunt for a mint candle for so long but I’ve never been able to find one at a reasonable price.  What I love about this candle is that it fills the air with such a fresh scent that I find it actually helps me breathe a bit better.  It has the same sort of effect to chewing on some really refreshing chewing gum or using menthol crystals to help clear a blocked nose.  I find it has the perfect balance between a strong but fairly subtle scent so you won’t find it too overpowering when you’re feeling a bit rubbish!

What would a pamper session be without a face mask? I do love those clay sheet masks but I find when I’m ill my skin becomes quite dehydrated so the best thing to reach for is a moisture mask.  My product of choice has to be the Body Shop Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Mask.  It’s such a lovely, cooling mask which you apply for 10 minutes and simply wipe off with some tissue.  It really sinks into the skin and helps moisturise all the dry patches really well.  I find it best to apply just before bed so any residue left over from taking it off can sink in overnight.

If I’ve not been able to get much sleep I do tend to look a little tired around the eyes.  Of course if I’m heading out I’ll pack on the nearest high coverage concealer but as an extra treat I really like applying the Good Things Instant Dark Circles Concealer* around the puffy areas.  Personally I don’t think the coverage is anything special and it certainly won’t cover up my dark circles but I find the rollerball applicator so soothing under my eyes.  It has really nice ingredients, free from a lot of nasties plus the addition of caffeine to help wake me up in the mornings.  If coverage is what you want, you won’t find it here but very soothing for puffy eyes.

What better way to finish it all off with a lovely cup of herbal tea.  I hate all kinds of fruity tea but I’m all for a cup of green or camomile tea.  Nothing gets me to sleep quicker than a mug of the stuff.  If you prefer something a little bit on the sweet side, the Twinings Camomile, Honey & Vanilla Tea is definitely one of my favourites.

Hopefully I’ll be feeling better soon but all these little steps definitely help brighten my mood.  Now time to get back to bed and put on some form of trashy reality TV…

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