September 27, 2013

September Empties

September Empties

I love the feeling of finally using up a product.  Maybe slightly because it enables me to fill it’s space with something new and exciting but I generally only like to have a small selection of products on hand at the one time.  I’m not one to collect empty products for a regular empties post but there always comes a time when multiple products get finished at the same time so I thought I’d share some of my much loved empties of this month.

Not too long ago we were sent a few John Frieda products to try.  As a brunette, naturally I went for the Brilliant Brunette* range.  For so long I haven’t really felt like I’ve found the perfect shampoo and conditioner.  There’s one’s I’ve really enjoyed using but I always reach for whatever I’m in the mood for that morning.  Though ever since trying the Brilliant Brunette range, I feel like I’ve finally found exactly what my hair needs.  I first tried it when I’d just gone back to dark brown after having blonde highlights and I’ve really noticed the difference compared to not using it.  My dark brown colour actually stayed dark for much longer and it looked very healthy and shiny.  I still have a lot of the conditioner left but I’ll be 100% repurchasing the shampoo.  If you’re a brunette (especially recently coloured), definitely give this a go, you’ll love it.

A sight I’m very used to seeing is an empty Rimmel Stay Matte.  It’s more so a scary sight when I realise I have none left.  I don’t think there’s any other powder around the same price quite like it.  It keeps my skin shine free, it looks very natural and it doesn’t break the bank.  However, one change I have made is using the Transparent shade instead of my usual Pink Blossom which makes the finish much more natural with my usual foundation.  I’ve been repurchasing it for over 10 years and I’ll probably be purchasing it for 10 more, that’s a lot of Stay Mattes!

Why do makeup products always run out on the worst day possible? Well my trusty Nars Sheer Glow decided to run out on my graduation day, that was a close call!  Even worse when I found out it was out of stock everywhere in my shade ever since but thankfully I’ve managed to pick up a replacement.  Such an amazing foundation and it’s not surprising it’s in such high demand.  It’s lasted me much longer than all of my other foundations, which definitely takes a sting out of the price!  Even though I’ve since picked up a new one, I still have a tiny bit left in the old bottle so I’m holding onto it to get the very last drop out.  My holy grail foundation which I’ll be repurchasing for a long time.

The product I’m most sad about finishing is the L’Oreal De-Maq Expert Make-Up Remover.  What on earth am I going to use to take off my makeup now? Until they discontinued it, it was the perfect gel makeup remover.  Very good for sensitive skin, non foaming and made makeup removal so easy that I actually enjoyed taking it off.  I’m now using Bioderma for makeup removal but I prefer a much heavier consistency when removing foundation.  If you can recommend anything like this, please let me know!

I never thought it was possible, but I’ve actually managed to finish an entire nail polish.  Essie’s Bikini So Teeny is definitely one of my most worn and I love putting it on.  When I worked in retail, whenever I had this on I’d get complimented on the colour by customers all the time and they always wanted to know what I had on.  Sort of a good way to test out a nail polish I guess!  Luckily when I noticed mine was on it’s way out, I stopped by the Fragrance Direct website and managed to pick up a replacement for £1.99 which is amazing!  There has been a little bit of a debate over buying from discount retailers recently but as long as you know the product is a recent release and there’s no chance it’s been lying around a warehouse for 5 years then I think it’s perfectly safe.  My only regret is that I didn’t buy two..

A product which I featured in my Lazy Haircare Routine post is the KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry Spray and it’s been much loved during the summer months.  Perfect for those who stay in bed for as long as possible, wash and dry their hair and leave the house with minutes to spare.  I am of course describing myself.  I think this is my second or third bottle of the stuff and it makes the hair drying process so quick and easy without making my hair look frizzy.  Definitely one of my staple haircare products.

It’s quite rare for me to repurchase products but I’d 100% repurchase every product in this post without hesitation.  Let me know what you’ve been using up lately.

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