September 16, 2013

Real Techniques Face Brushes

Real Techniques Face Brushes

I genuinely can’t remember what I was doing before the Real Techniques brushes came out.  Back in high school I remember having those horrible sponges which ate up the entire contents of my foundation and I’d spend ages trying to clean them and keep them from falling apart.  Finally I now have access to amazing affordable brushes and they’ve completely changed the way I apply my makeup, for the better.  I can’t say many positive things about their eye brushes, but here’s some of the Real Techniques face brushes I own and why I love them.

I’d always hated those flat foundation brushes.  To me it seemed like I was painting on layers and layers of foundation to get a decent coverage but it all changed when I introduced the Buffing Brush to my everyday routine.  With this I can take about a pea sized amount of foundation, buff it into my skin and my whole face is finished.  It is a little annoying that you can only purchase it with the core collection and not on it’s own but the Expert Face Brush is a pretty similar alternative.  I did own the Expert Face Brush which sadly I’ve lost though I did like it as a back up when my Buffing Brush needed to be cleaned.  Compared to each other, the Buffing Brush is a little larger so it covers a larger area but if you’re looking for something that can get into all the little corners, the Expert Face Brush is great for that.  If you’re interested in any of the Real Techniques brushes, definitely pick up one of the foundation brushes.

I’d recently found that my powder was going on a little too heavy for my liking so I picked up the Powder Brush to sort out the problem.  The first thing I noticed is how huge the brush is! You only need a little swirl in your powder and within about 10 seconds you’re ready to head out the door.  As the brush is so big it picks up powder in the middle and sort of blends it out so it gives a very soft finish.  It’s probably not the most practical brush for travelling mind you but it’s definitely one for the dressing table.

I’d been using a different blusher brush for quite a while but I found that it was so good at picking up powder that it was quite difficult to use with my most pigmented blushers.  The Blush Brush does exactly what I want, by picking up a small amount of the powder and blending it out seamlessly with it’s tapered shape.  I also find it’s one of the softer brushes in the collection so it doesn’t scratch at your skin or leave your blush looking unnatural.  I’m definitely going to be picking up another one of these in the near future, one isn’t enough!

After the whole cream blush craze started, I tried to have a go with just my fingers and ended up with an unblended line across my cheeks.  The Stippling Brush definitely makes a huge difference and using cream blushers have been extremely easy ever since.  It’s sort of a duo fibre type brush where it picks up a small amount on the white bristles and with the thicker bristles underneath makes it easy to blend out without ruining your foundation.  If you found cream blushers a little too difficult, team it with this brush and you’ll be an expert in no time.

Normally all these brushes would cost you around £55 or more if you were to buy them from Boots or somewhere similar but if you go to, you can get them for around £33 (based on an order of the core collection, powder blush, blush brush and stippling brush) including shipping as long as you don’t mind waiting around 12 days for them to arrive.  Also feel free to use my code ZGG985 which gives you another $10 off your first order over $40 to take it down to around £27.  Usually the core collection alone is around £20 so you’ll save so much.  I never had any issues with customs charges or anything like that either so definitely take advantage of the bargain!
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