September 09, 2013

Disappointing Products

Disappointing Products

Usually we try keep the negativity to a low level here on Beauty Aesthetic, there’s enough of that out there in the world.  Every now and then I find it helpful to know which products haven’t met others expectations and if something that’s been hyped by many isn't all that great.  I find it’s quite good to get a balanced opinion on products before purchasing, especially if it’s being raved about elsewhere.  Usually if I find products aren't working out for me, I'll pass them onto friends and family so they don't hang around for too long.  However, I've managed to pick out 6 products I've tried to persevere with but haven’t lived up to the hype.

The Alpha H Liquid Gold product was probably one of the most hyped up products around a few months ago.  Everyone around seemed to be raving about how glowing their skin looked and claiming it to be their holy grail so naturally to aid my curiosity, I decided to cave in and buy it.  Apart from a slight tingly face, it did absolutely nothing for me.  It didn't break me out or anything like that but all it seemed to do was make my face a little bit more sensitive to the sun.  I definitely gave it a good run to get my moneys worth and I only have about 1/5th of the bottle left but it was a complete anti climax.  Perhaps people in their 30/40s would probably see a better result but it just goes to show that not every hyped product will work for you the same way it works for others.

I’m all about the cream cleansers at the moment.  I've loved my Clarins Cream Cleanser for so long but always been on a hunt for something a little less expensive.  I decided to pick up The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Cream Cleanser having heard great things about the Vitamin E range but sadly the two didn’t compare.  The Body Shop’s version does apply wonderfully and leaves your face feeling so soft and smooth but after awhile I found that it made my skin break out.  I have noticed after looking at the ingredients that it has shea butter in it which isn't all that great for acne sufferers like myself.  I do however absolutely love their Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask which doesn’t have shea butter in it so I’d definitely recommend that from the range.

When I noticed you could purchase Essie nail polishes for £1.99 each I’d been constantly refreshing the Fragrance Direct page until they updated with new polishes.  I picked up quite a few shades and one of them was Essie’s Hip-Anema, which is a classic red polish.  I've tried the majority of the shades I bought and loved them all but sadly Hip-Anema let the team down.  Compared to the others I thought the formula was a bit hard to work with and ever since I applied it, it hasn't stopped chipping.  Thankfully at £1.99 it wasn't such a big let down but I guess with every nail polish range, there’s going to be some bad ones!

I'm not really sure what I was thinking when I purchased the Topshop Lipstick in Desert.  It’s a horrible nude/brownish shade and when applied with my pale complexion, it makes me look washed out and ill.  I’m not sure if any complexion could pull it off if I'm honest.  Thankfully I don't think they stock this shade anymore but if you ever come across it, I'd probably stay clear.  Aside from my poor choice of shades, I'd highly recommend the Topshop lipsticks.  If you're looking for a recommendation, Innocent is one of my most worn shades.

I was really excited to find that the September Elle had a free sample of the Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray that I grabbed a copy before they all sold out.  I really enjoyed the Surf Shampoo & Conditioner samples I'd tried a while back so I had high expectations of the stuff, plus it’s quite an expensive range so it’s always good to try before you buy.  It might be because I already have quite thick hair, but I didn't really notice a difference at all after applying it.  I’d applied it to wet hair as the instructions say but my hair didn't really feel any different than usual, though perhaps maybe a bit more tuggy.  I think I'll give it another shot, maybe apply a bit more next time but I'm quite glad I didn't go out and buy the full size.

As I’m not an everyday eyeshadow wearer, I don't really need a lot of eye brushes.  I've been using my trusty Models Own Eyeshadow Brushes (which are great!) for quite a while and they've done the job but when I was purchasing a few Real Techniques brushes a while back, I decided to pick up the Real Techniques Eyes Starter Set while I was at it.  As I'd loved every other brush from Real Techniques I didn't think it was necessary to look up the reviews for this set so when they arrived, they were quite disappointing.  I find the shape of the brushes very bizarre and not like your typical eye brush set.  The bigger brushes are too large and the smaller brushes are too small so unless you plan to do something out of the norm, they aren't that great for everyday use.  I have found the larger brushes to be alright for concealer so it isn't all that bad but as a set I think it’s one I could have done without.

It’s always a shame when products do not turn out the way you want them to but I think it’s always nice to pass them onto other people who might get more use out of them.  I also like to try and find new ways to make disappointing products work for me, for example I could use the Essie nail polish for nail art or I could mix the Topshop lipstick with another shade to create a new shade.  Let me know which products you haven’t been loving lately!
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