September 17, 2013

Antipodes Immortal SPF 15 Face & Body Moisturiser

Antipodes Immortal Face and Body Moisturiser

So it may seem a little strange to be chatting about an SPF in September, but if us beauty junkies know one thing its that no matter how cold it may seem, the sun still has the exact same damaging effects to the skin. Here in Scotland, we don’t really see too much of the sun in winter, but when it does grace us with it’s presence I always make sure my skin is prepped and ready for it’s rays.

During the summer months I’ll try my best to always wear an SPF 50 on my face, but as the weather cools and I spend less time outdoors I tend to switch to something a little lighter. So when the Antipodes Immortal Face & Body Moisturiser* landed on my doorstep I was very keen to see if it was going to take center stage in my autumn/winter skincare.

Basically this little tube is packed full of antioxidants and skin loving ingredients like plant based hyaluronic acid that combine with an SPF to result in beautiful looking, protected skin. The formula is really light and absorbs easily leaving skin feeling soft, nourished and most importantly not greasy! This is always my main concern with a facial SPF, I am a matte girl and my moisturiser has to work with alongside my oily skin and a lot of powder based product. This works great for me under makeup, I’ve been popping a little of this on over my usual moisturiser and massaging it into my face and neck before my make-up. What I really see as the main benefit of this product is, unlike many other SPF’s this is made with premium natural ingredients, making it even more skin loving and skin friendly, so this is a great option if your looking for something to suit sensitive skin.

This is quite a pricey option, at £28.99, but I would recommend this if you are looking for something light that won’t affect the look of your make-up and won’t irritate or sit on the surface of the skin. It’s also really great as it is a multi-functional product that can also be used on the body however, I haven’t yet had the opportunity to test it anywhere but my face and neck. It has been living in my handbag for those rare moments when the autumn sunshine decides to brighten our skies so i’ll be sure to report back on how I get on with this elsewhere on the body.

Do you guys like the sound of this product? Be sure to leave me a little comment below with any other autumn/winter skincare tips, ill be sure to have my notepad at the ready!

*PR Sample
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