August 23, 2013

The Lazy Haircare Guide

The Lazy Haircare Guide

I wish I was one of those lucky people who could let their hair air dry and be left with perfect, frizz free hair. Sadly it isn't the case.  If left to air dry, my long, wavy, thick hair can be quite unforgiving and before you know it I have the monica from friends thing going on.  As much as I'd love perfect bouncy curls, in the mornings I just want my hair to be dry and walk straight out the door.  No straighteners or tongs in sight.  If I'm in a rush or I simply can't be bothered to do anything time consuming I have a couple of products I rely on to speed up the hair care process.

A while back I wrote a post on the Lush Solid Shampoos and I'm still currently using them.  In fact I've now managed to get my mum hooked too.  Karma Komba is still my favourite but on a shopping trip in Glasgow we picked up New, their newest in the range funnily enough.  This shampoo is cinnamon scented and with two quick rubs on your scalp, your hair is covered in suds and is extremely easy to wash out.  Some of the other solid shampoos in the range are a bit hit or miss but I'd definitely recommend those two.

Shampoo is done and time for conditioner.  Ain't nobody got time for that! Most days I'd usually skip conditioner because it takes so long to wash out but I've found the perfect alternative for lazy people.  The L'Oreal Ever Riche Perfect Elixir is basically a masque spray you can use after shampoo and conditioner or in place of your conditioner.  You spray your hair all over with the lightweight spray, leave for a few minutes and rinse out.  It’s also not like your typical hair mask, the consistency is more like what you'd find with a conditioning spray so it takes no time at all to rinse out.  I've really been enjoying using it and if you have dry or very dry hair, you’ll love it.

Before I whip out the hairdryer, I put in my usual heat protectant spray which is the V05 Heat Protection Styling Spray.  It’s a real lightweight spray so I find that it doesn't interfere with any of my other styling products.  I do believe if you're using heat on your hair it should be protected so make sure you make time for it!

As one last step to speed up the process, I reach for my KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry Spray.  This is probably my 3rd bottle and it looks like I'm due a new one soon but I don't know where I'd be without this stuff.  Probably still drying my hair, thats where. By spraying this stuff I can probably cut my hair drying time in half and if your hair is like mine, you'll know how amazing that is!  It also has a light conditioning aspect to it so I don't find that it dries my hair out in the slightest.  If there’s anything you need to pick up in this post, this is the product.

Forget all the hair tools and go natural.  I personally prefer my hair with a little bit more volume and a natural wave to it.  I don't even own a pair of hair straighteners.  If you need one last step to complete the look, spritz a little bit of sea salt spray or hair spray and scrunch away.  If only makeup were that simple!
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