August 05, 2013

Summer Fragrances

Summer Fragrances

Fresh summer scents have always been a favourite of mine.  Ever since my favourite perfume Ralph Laurens Ralph Cool was discontinued, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect summery fragrance.  This year I’d say my fragrance choices tend to lean towards the floral, woody nature.  I don't really own many scents I'd class as winter scents so I thought I'd share which perfumes I've been loving in the summer months!

Although I’m not usually a fan of sweet scents, but Lancome La Vie Est Belle is one of those naturally sweet, woody scents that I fell in love with as soon as I tried it.  As it’s an Eau de Parfum you only need a small amount which is why I still have quite a lot left but I’d say its more of an evening scent than a daytime one.  I’ve been told it’s quite similar to Viktor & Rolf’s Flower Bomb so if you’re a fan then you’ll probably like this.

I only have a tiny bit left of Coach Poppy* but we’ve definitely had a good run.  This is a lot more fruity than the rest of my scents so it’s a really fun fragrance to wear.  One of the top notes is cucumber which is what my Ralph Lauren one had so I probably have a nostalgic attachment to it.  It’s quite a light fragrance so if you’re looking for something not too strong but fun and fresh it’s perfect.  It’s also an Eau de Parfum so it tends to last really well throughout the day.

If you love floral scents you’ll love Cath Collins Lily Fandango*.  The scent smells like you’ve just walked through a big field of flowers, it’s probably the most fresh scent I own.  It has notes of lilies, jasmine and cassis with a slight citrusy undertone.  Jasmine seems to appear in the majority of my favourite scents so it’s probably a good indication that I’d like it.  Cath Collins fragrances aren't readily available in shops but if you're not keen on buying the full size without testing you can get a tester set for £3.33 on three of her scents.  I quite like having scents which aren't used by a lot of people.  I find it makes you more unique and people associate you with the fragrance more.

I’m very late on the trend with this one but I finally got a hold of the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume.  I actually received this one as a birthday present last week from my mum and I’ve been loving it so far.  I’d say its more of a scent aimed at my age, but on a slightly more sophisticated level.  Again it’s very floral and fresh with jasmine in it, so I knew I’d like it.  I can definitely see why it’s popular and I think most people would like it so it’s perfect if you’re buying for someone else.  Also on a random note, I wasn’t expecting the flowers to be bendy, that was a surprise!

My graduation from uni conveniently coincided with the Space NK sale so when I saw the Diptyque perfumes were reduced I had to snap one up, as a gift to myself.  The one I went for is Diptyque Vetyverio.  I originally purchased Tam Dao in the sale but after trying it out in the shop I decided I didn’t like it, sent it back and went for Vetyverio instead.  I’d say this is a lot more fruity and woody than my other scents so it’s really refreshing to put on during the summer.  I managed to get a huge bargain on this one as it was reduced from £70 to around £20ish but annoyingly dropped in price the day after I’d ordered mine, typical eh!  Really lovely scent and as it’s 100ml it’s definitely gonna be around for a while.

I really like having a small collection of scents to choose from but if you have any suggestions I’d love to know.  Since writing this post I may have made a cheeky new addition to my fragrance collection but it’s a little more special and will be appearing in a future post shortly.

*PR Sample
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