August 19, 2013

Dark Glitter Nail Polishes

Nars Night Breed, Illamasqua Creator, Butter London The Black Knight and Barry M Gold Mine

As much as I’ve loved wearing pastels and bright neons this summer, I can’t wait to get back into wearing my dark glitter nail polishes.  I think they look amazing teamed up with a smokey eye and the glitter aspect makes it much easier to pull off a dark shade without looking too gothic.  Here are some of my favourites and coincidentally, they're all cruelty free!

black glitter nail polishes

My first foray into dark glitter polishes started off with Nars Night Breed which I believed to be limited edition.  When I heard those dreaded words I stocked up believing they would be my last chance to wear them.  Luckily they’ve brought them back in the Night Series with the A/W collection, phew!  The polish’s formula is different from your usual glitter polish.  The glitter is very fine and almost sand-like which makes it look very sophisticated and less glitter bomb like so I feel that any age could pull this off really well.  I also find that one coat is all I need so it’s perfect if you’re like me and you hate waiting around to paint a next coat!  Nars polishes are around the pricey side of £14 but it’s one that lasts forever and I’d purchase it again and again.

The closest dupe I’ve found to the Nars shade is Illamasqua’s Creator polish.  As far as I know it’s part of their permanent collection so if the Nars shade ever disappears again there’s always an alternative.  While the shades do look very similar, Creator has more of a grey base and the silver glitter is much more noticeable than Night Breed.  It’s actually slightly more expensive at £14.50 but Illamasqua usually have a few offers on so if you buy at the right time you could probably get it for around £7.

If you’re looking for something a little more colourful, Butter London’s The Black Knight* which is a dark polish with specks of pink, silver and blue glitter.  I find that the formula is really similar to Nars Night Breed as it has a sort of sandy appearance.  The glitter makes it look very special and striking, almost like a burst of fireworks yet it still manages to look very subtle with the dark base.  This shade is actually a little cheaper than the top two at £10 on Chemist Direct at the moment so I'd snap this one up while you can!

As the other three polishes are quite expensive I thought I’d throw in a drugstore alternative.  Barry M actually have a very good dupe for Night Breed called Black Multi Glitter but unfortunately it seems to be out of stock at the moment.  An alternative I have is Barry M’s Gold Mine Glitter which is a black/grey polish with specks of gold glitter.  Compared to the others, the gold glitter is much chunkier and has a much more dramatic effect so if you’re looking to make a statement, this ones for you.  It’s also £2.99 so it’s a little more affordable than the others.

If I had to narrow it down, I’d go for Nars Night Breed and Butter London The Black Knight.  Although they’re both quite pricey for nail polish, I think they’re both quite special shades.  Personally I’d never splurge on nail polish unless the polishes are really special or if I don’t own the shade already so I definitely think they’re worth the investment.  I know I’ll be using them until the very last drop!

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