July 03, 2013

The Summertime Shower


Under any other circumstances I’m a bath girl, but when faced with the perfect summer shower products, I can be swayed. Thanks to these beauties I've recently been giving my tub the cold shoulder and favouring my new shower menu.


Nothing screams summer quite like a coconut fragrance and the Dirty Works Coconut Caress Body Wash* lathers up into the creamiest skin softening wash, whilst filling your bathroom with a tropical uplifting scent. This wash is perfect for those early mornings as its scent really awakens and lifts your mood, and it’s only £2.99 from Sainsburys so what’s not to love really?


Next up is hair, Sami raved about the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Range on Monday, so now it’s my turn to gush over the Sheer Blonde Collection. As most of you may know I've never coloured my hair, but my natural colour sits somewhere slap bang in the middle of blonde and brunette. So when I gave the Everlasting Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner* a try I wasn’t really expecting to see  much of an effect, how wrong was I. The safflower oil and bergamot packed formula left my hair super bright and really shiny and looking completely revitalised. If you've got any natural blonde tones to your hair or you colour your hair blonde then this duo is definitely your hairs perfect summer combination!


Finally we were recently introduced to Q The Fine Fragrance Body Spray*, which is marketed to be a slightly more sophisticated alternative in the world of body sprays. The Q: Radiance fragrance has really grown on me, and I’ve loved using a spritz of this after my morning shower to really uplift my mood and leave me smelling fresh throughout the day. At only £1.53 I think these make a brilliant handbag staple for us busy girls.

*PR Sample

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