June 14, 2013

Topshop Summer Make-Up

Topshop makeup bag, Topshop Nail Polish in Art School and Topshop Lip Bullet in Heartbeat

It’s less than a month till our graduation and once I finally found my graduation dress at Topshop, I couldn't help but add a few makeup pieces in my shopping basket.  It would be rude not to! I decided to try not to go too crazy and only pick up two items.  The latest addition to their lipstick range, the Lip Bullets and a lovely complimentary coral nail polish.

The Topshop Lip Bullets have been out for a couple of weeks but I've yet to see any mention of them so I decided to try it out for myself.  In the usual Topshop lipstick range, the shades are mainly of a velvet finish whereas the Lip Bullet is a sheer alternative.  The last few lipsticks I've bought have been all sheer ones so I was really keen to add to my collection.  I find it’s such an easy way to pull off bold colours without looking overdone.

Topshop Lip Bullet in Heartbeat

The shade I went for is Heartbeat which is a gorgeous peachy pink with a slight orange tone.  With sheer lipsticks, I find the darker the colour, the better it looks on me and would probably be a safer bet than the light pink alternative in Covet.  Compared to the original lipsticks, the formula is extremely creamy.  It sort of melts onto your lips and gives you such a bold pigmented colour.  As it’s so soft, I’d recommend keeping it away from the sun or it will definitely melt all over the place.  Also as it’s in a larger tube I expected there to be much more product but sadly it twists up to the standard lipstick height which is a bit annoying.  I can definitely see them bringing out more shades in the range in the future.

Topshop Nail Polish in Art School

I never used to own any pink nail polish but it’s all I've been using lately.  The Topshop nail polish in Art School is a lovely coral pink shade and as we’re just about to graduate from an arty fashion uni course, it seemed like the perfect choice.  I only own a couple of Topshop nail polishes but I really like the size and application they have.  The bottle is small enough to be used up but not too big where it would end up gloopy.  The brush is small and thin which is perfect for my tiny nails too.  The colour applies really well considering pinks often have problems with application.  It has a glossy finish so I didn't need to use a topcoat which is always a bonus.  I think I will pick up more shades, maybe next time a little more adventurous!

The makeup bag in the background is also from Topshop named the Coral Stripe Canvas Makeup Bag.  It’s so bright and summery with it’s neon stripes.  It’s also really big and spacious so if you're like me and you convince yourself that you need 5 lipsticks with you, it’s perfect.  Let me know what summery products you've been purchasing lately!

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