June 28, 2013

Graduation Skincare Preparation

Graduation Skincare Preparation Special Occasion Tips

With a week left until we graduate, I’ve been under a strict skincare routine to make my skin picture perfect for the big day.  The tickets are here and the dress has been chosen so the last step is to banish those blemishes.  As it’s a special occasion, I've opted for a slightly higher end/luxe routine so you won't hear a hint of face wipe on this post so if you find some of these products a bit out of your price range, tweet me and I'd be happy to suggest alternatives.

If you're preparing your skin for a special occasion then step away from any sort of scrub, you want to be as gentle with your skin as possible!  Start off with a gentle cleanser, I’ve been loving the Nude Cosmetics Purify Cleansing Wash*.  Although I love their Perfect Cleansing Oil I find this one better as a day cleanser as it leaves your skin feeling very clean without any residue.  It’s  also targeted towards oily/combination skin to help reduce breakouts so it’s absolutely perfect for this kind of occasion.  As an added bonus it’s also vegan and free from Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, Dyes and many more nasties.

I've been a little nervous mentioning the Sunday Riley Skin Adrenaline* as I'd never dream of spending so much on a product but my goodness it is a miracle worker.  Although it’s marketed as an anti-aging product to boost collagen and protect against environmental aging, I’ve found that by applying this on my face, my blemishes and skin imperfections are reduced at a rapid rate.  I could have the biggest blemish and within a few hours it either looks like a tiny bump or it’s vanished completely.  It also has a sort of plumping effect which makes my skin feels really firm and fresh, it really is a miracle worker and I haven’t came across a product which works so quickly.  If you’re my age I wouldn’t recommend you go out and get the full sized bottle, but you could try convince your mum to get it and use a little bit yourself ;) If all else fails and you have a special occasion coming up, get yourself into Space NK and ask for a sample.  As it’s quite an expensive product I imagine samples wouldn’t be too hard to get hold of, plus they have an amazing sale on just now.  However if you’re slightly older and looking for an anti-aging product that actually makes a difference, my mum has been trying it out and she absolutely loves it.

I’ve spoken about the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion so many times on this blog but it’s always a product I reach for coming up to a special occasion. If you haven't seen any previous posts on it, it’s basically a spot treatment where you dip a cotton bud (Q-tip) into the salicylic acid then into the calamine lotion and apply it over blemishes to work it’s magic overnight.  It’s perfect for those angry red spots as it reduces the redness and basically shrinks the blemish and dries it out.  I’d probably use this on nights where I’m not using the Sunday Riley Skin Adrenaline as it’s quite strong to use everyday for my age.  I’ve yet to try any other Mario Badescu products so if you have any recommendations please let me know!

With 6 days left until the graduation ceremony, I’m going to continue this routine until the big day so hopefully my skin will be lovely and glowing instead of blemished and shiny!  Now to decide what makeup I should wear..

*PR Sample

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