May 18, 2013

TONI&GUY Touch Control Hairdryer

Toni&Guy Touch Control Hair Dryer

They say that without using good quality make up brushes, your products won’t perform well and it’s safe to say the same applies with hairdryers.  You could spend ages applying your favourite shampoo and conditioner and all the argan oils in the world in the hope for a lovely sleek look but ultimately your hairdryer is in charge.  Without the right heat and speed settings suited to your hair, all that hard work might leave you with a frizzy mess.  We've been trying out the TONI&GUY Touch Control Hairdryer* for over 2 months and here’s how we've got on.

Hair tools have become a lot more sleek in design and a lot more user friendly.  Gone are the days of a simple on and off switch as most recent modern hairdryers now put you in control and thats exactly what the TONI&GUY Touch Control Hairdryer does.  The award winning dryer features LCD controls which let you adjust the heat, speed and Ion levels with a total of 20 different variations up to 2000W so there’s something for everyone.

Toni&Guy Touch Control Hair Dryer

At first when we heard it was a touch control dryer, we had doubts of accidentally turning the dryer on and off but this isn’t the case at all.  The on/off button is situated at the handle which you push in so you won’t have to worry.

Once turned on, the screen will show up on the side of the dryer with the current speed/heat which you adjust with the controls.  The design is so sleek that the screen is hidden when turned off that you’d never know if was there until you turned it on, it’s a fun little design feature.  The screen also lights up red or blue depending on the hot/cold settings you picked.

Toni&Guy Touch Control Hair Dryer

For adjusting the heat and speed settings, the controls are situated on the left side of the handle.  For a right handed person this is perfect but might leave potential for a left hander to accidentally press buttons.  For a quick heat or speed change it’s simply pressing the buttons, so you don’t need to fiddle about with a slider to get your desired setting.  It’s a really simplified design and probably what hair dryers should have had all this time.  After a while the pictures on the buttons have started to come off but you’ll know which button to use before that happens anyway.

Compared to other hairdryers we’ve used in the past, one of the main qualities that stands out is how light it weighs.  If you have long hair like us, you’ll know how long it takes to dry so holding this dryer up for a long period of time is so easy.  And if you need the last bit of encouragement, it has a Tourmaline Colour Lock and Advanced Variable Ionic Moisture Protection technologies.  Yeah we don’t know what those are either but it sounds like something you’d want in a hair dryer anyway!

From using the dryer for the past two months, our old dryers have been cast aside and these are definitely here to stay.  For a dryer that is so versatile at an RRP of £40 (£21 on Amazon!), it’s extremely affordable.

*PR Sample

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