May 29, 2013

Pinterest - Pin It Forward UK

Pinterest Pin It Forward UK

Recently we've both been redecorating our bedrooms and looking for inspiration online.  We both have quite similar tastes in colour but while Lisa has a lot more old fashioned decorative pieces, Sami’s taste is slightly more modern.  It probably shows in our blog photographs, we've even been told people can tell exactly who’s writing the post before seeing the name!  While collecting these images it’s often a bit difficult to remember where it came from or even remembering to bookmark the page, so thats where Pinterest comes in.

Pinterest is a website which has just launched in the UK and if you haven't heard of it, it basically enables you to “Pin” images from around the web and compile them into boards.  Basically it’s a little bit like scrapbooking, with less mess!

Our board of choice is called For The Home which features decorative ideas from all around the web and some of our favourite bloggers.  You'll find it has a lot of soft colours and a mix of shabby chic meets modern feel to it.  Even Sami’s polka dot obsession creeps into it!  Since pinning them some of the pieces have made it into our homes such as the clear chair and the Ikea Laptop table so it really does help with the decoration process.

Whatever you decide to Pin is up to you.  While our board shown above is called For The Home, we also have other boards such as Products We Love, Favourite Places & Spaces and also a board on Blogging Resources which might be useful for you bloggers out there.  The Pins also link back to where you found it so you’ll always remember where it came from.

It’s such a useful resource, we only wish we had it when we were stressing over our uni fashion scrapbook coursework!  Make sure to check out our boards if you're interested and if you haven't signed up you can register by using this registration link.

Up next in the Pin it Forward schedule is the lovely wedding blogger Anna from Far From The Wedding Crowd so make sure you check out her post tomorrow.  By looking at her Pinterest alone, we can tell it’s going to be a good one!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.

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