May 19, 2013

Long Live Steam Cream

Steam Cream

To many the little tin above is just another moisturiser, nothing remarkable. But to the trained eye this is pretty special, this is Steam Cream. A handmade natural blend of ingredients fused together with a shot of steam, making this a lightweight super hydrating hero for the skin and face.

It’s the way this award winning cream is made that really sets it apart from other moisturisers, most creams are made up of complex molecules which are bound together by a powerful emulsifying process, however this means they just kind of linger on the skins surface. Steam Cream is different, the force of the shot of steam fuses the natural ingredients together instantly meaning the formula sinks into the skin easier. Basically this cream is designed to moisturise deep into the skin and deliver a softness that lasts.

I usually keep my little tin beside my bed, and use it basically everywhere, I love using this on my hands before bed, and it’s also my favourite neck cream too as it’s so light. This will definitely be coming along on holiday with me as it is such a useful hard working product.

Steam Cream

Something else I love about good old Steam Cream is the tins! New styles and collaborations are always being released, my boyfriend chose mine for me and I love it, very patriotic. Once I've used up all the product this will definitely be getting recycled into a new home for my kirby grips (as their current home is in little clusters all over my house). You can go check out all the current designs on the Steam Cream website.

I'm not usually the biggest fan of these types of multi purpose creams and balms but I definitely think that everyone should make a little room in their handbags, beauty cupboards and bedside tables for this little tin of magic!

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  1. I love steam cream! I've been addicted to it for a couple of years now!


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