May 17, 2013

Impulse Designer Inspired Fragrances

Impulse fragrances featuring Romantic Spark, Tease, Very Pink and Secret Smile

Back in my early high school days, Impulse sprays were all the rage.  You wouldn’t find a girl who didn’t have them and trips to Boots meant picking up the latest Impulse scent.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve last tried them, but they’ve always had a great selection of scents to choose from.  I remember stocking up on the Goddess scent when it came out but sadly when P.E classes were no longer compulsory, my Impulse collection reduced and I moved onto perfumes.  Now Impulse are back in action, all grown up, featuring 11 fragrances developed by the world-renowned fragrance experts of Dior and Calvin Klein.  Here’s what they have to offer.

Romantic Spark - Created with a blend of sweet wild violets and woody notes of white sandalwood.  I’d say this could definitely pass as an evening scent.  I personally love anything with sandalwood and the sweetness of the violets really compliment the woody undertone.

Tease - Earthy, natural fragrance notes of red fruits and woods.  This is the one for those who like really fruity scents.  After time the woody scent does come through but the fruit scent is very uplifting, really nice scent.

Very Pink - A sparkling blend of pink grapefruit with a sweet base of vanilla and rose.  I’m not usually a big fan of vanilla scents but this isn’t sickly sweet which is perfect.  I’d say compared to the others, the scent is very subtle so if you want something not too overpowering you should give this one a go.

Secret Smile - Limited edition scent featuring fragrance notes of raspberry and gardenia.  I can say without hesitation this is my favourite scent out of the above.  Light, fruity, floral scents are my favourite kind and this ticks all boxes.  It reminds me of the time I went raspberry picking in the south of England.  It is limited edition though, so I’d get your hands on this one quick!

All in all I’m really impressed with the new changes Impulse have made.  They’re always great to pop in your handbag or for a quick spray after a trip to the gym to freshen up.  They have many more scents in the range to choose from so make sure you try them out on your next visit to Superdrug.

*PR Sample

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