May 26, 2013

Holiday Preparations

A review of he-shi Exfoliating Body Wash, The Sanctuary Body Brush, Dove Firming Moisturising Lotion and Urban Outfitters Bikini Top

Believe it or not, it is actually summertime -shock horror! And for me, summer usually means a few things; its light when I leave work, nights out and dress codes become a lot more relaxed, festivals and most importantly a little summer holiday! My ‘little’ summer holiday this year is actually rather exciting in a weeks time I'm jetting off to…LAS VEGAS!

However, despite my excitement there is just one teeny tiny problem, my body is stuck in winter. The most summery thing about me right now is probably my coral lipstick. So I decided a couple of weeks ago that it was time to de-layer and get myself properly prepped for my summer adventure. This first installment of my prepping series is all about the body. Arms, legs and wobbly bits, I’m talking to you! I’ve pulled out the big guns in the form of my dull, winter skin busting lotions and potions and have been surprisingly disciplined at putting them to use everyday.

A review of The Sanctuary Body Brush

I remember when I first heard of the term ‘body brushing’ I was slightly baffled, could a simple brush really banish my ‘problem areas’? The answer, initially was no. Unfortunately with body brushing there is no instant gratification, however after a few weeks the results are wonderful! Basically by using a brush once everyday and brushing in upwards strokes towards the heart the circulation and skin surface vastly improves! Meaning less ‘problem areas’ and nice firm skin! My brush of choice is from The Sanctuary range at Boots, I got mines ages ago but if you look after one of these then they will last you forever!

A review of he-shi Exfoliating Body Wash

Continuing with the scrubbing theme I’ve been upping my usage of my new favourite body scrub, the He-Shi Exfoliating Bodywash, which is the perfect scrub to use before tanning! I’ve been using this at least three times a week (it’s super gentle) and ensures any dead skin cells are removed and my limbs are in peak condition to be shown off, plus it smells like a holiday in a tube, so is perfect for getting me in the holiday mood!

A review of Dove Firming Moisturising Lotion

Finally I have been upping the moisture stakes by switching to Doves Firming Body Lotion, and using this every morning. It’s a lovely fresh uplifting scent and after using it for around two weeks I have really begun to notice a difference in the elasticity of my skin. I’m not promising a bum like Beyonce but this has really tightened my skin, especially my legs and upper arms.

I’ve found that by using all of the above in combination with one another my skin has certainly got the wake up call it needed, and slowly but surely me and my pins are feeling a little more confident about that yellow polka dot bikini! What are your summer prep skin saviours? Stay tuned for the next part of my preparations!

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