May 10, 2013

Diptyque Classic Coffret

A review of Diptyque candle set including Baies, Figuer and Roses

If you're an avid reader of beauty blogs, you have probably came across a Diptyque candle or two.  These luxury candles have been making their way through the blogosphere and after many hours of adding them to my shopping list and clicking away, I couldn't resist any longer.  Rather than take a gamble and buy a full sized candle, I came across the Diptyque Classic Coffret which features three of their most loved candles in miniature form.  Here’s what I thought of them.

A review of Diptyque candle set including Baies, Figuer and Roses

The candles fit inside a gorgeous rectangular white box with the classic Diptyque logo and this little card inside explaining about the candles inside.  It’s a really lovely touch and would make a perfect gift for a candle lover like myself.  Each candle has a different scent and comes in a 70g glass jar, just a bit wider and taller than a large shot glass I’d say.  In my opinion, they could have been a little bigger for the price but they do last for thirty hours which makes it a little more bearable.  I purchased this set in Space.NK when they had £10 off products, which was too hard to resist…when in rome eh!

Baies is the berry scent of the trio, and probably my favourite out of the set.  It contains a blend of rose with a strong blackcurrant scent which I’ve never came across in a candle before.  It’s one of those candles which hits you as soon as you walk in a room and the blackcurrant scent is definitely the dominant one.  If you want a fruity scent I'd definitely recommend Baies.  I think I might have to buy a full sized one when this one runs out!

I've been really into fig candles lately after trying out Jonathan Wards Fig Ultimatum candle and Figuier seemed like the perfect one to try.  I think this one is safe to say the bloggers favourite but I found that I didn't love it as much as I wanted to.  Compared to the other two scents, I found that Figuier wasn't living up to it’s expectations and I didn't get a strong scent from it at all.  Not that it was unpleasant in the slightest but I felt that the scent wasn't that noticeable and not one I'd be rushing to light again.  Of course I will use the rest up but not a scent I'd consider purchasing in full size.

The last of the trio is Roses, the floral scent of the collection.  Before the set arrived I wasn't expecting too much from Roses.  I felt that it would be a generic rose scent and not much else but this is definitely the underdog in the collection.  Of course it does have a rose scent but in my opinion it has more of a woody undertone which makes it stand out a lot more.  Like Baies, it’s a very powerful scent which hits you in the face when you walk into a room and I'm definitely much more excited to light it than I first was.

All in all, this is a gorgeous set and it would make a lovely gift for a loved one (aka yourself).  You can of course buy the minis for the same price individually if you'd prefer to mix and match but if you're not so sure then the Classic Coffret would be a great place to start.  Let me know if you've tried any of these scents or if you have any other Diptyque favourites, I'd love to know.

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