May 20, 2013

Chantecaille Lip Chic Lipstick

A review of Chantecaille Lip Chic in Heirloom Rose

I’ve always been a bit scared to wear darker lipstick shades.  Perhaps it’s due to my pale complexion or the fact that I don't want to appear as if I've stepped out of the 90s grunge scene.  It wasn’t until my recent foray into sheer lipsticks that the pale pinks of MAC Angel and Topshops Innocent have been cast aside for a slightly darker, sheerer alternative.  Chantecaille has always been a brand on my wishlist to try but  with a wide variety of products to choose from it can be a little overwhelming at first.  With any high end purchase, in my opinion the lipsticks are always a great place to start.

A review of Chantecaille Lip Chic in Heirloom Rose

Oh look at that, my face has appeared! I almost never do swatches but hopefully this helps to see how it looks on.  The colour of the Chantecaille Lip Chic Lipstick in Heirloom* is actually really hard to describe!  Some say it’s dark red, others say dusty rose but on my lips it applies like a dark browny pink with a hint of plum when applied fully.  I find that there’s a slight bluish tone to the lipstick which makes your teeth appear a little whiter too which is always a bonus.  It’s a lovely contrast from my pale skin and since I’m not an everyday eyeshadow wearer, it provides a lovely focal point to the face.  It does have a tiny bit of a sparkle in it but it’s very subtle and hardly noticeable, I can assure you won’t have a disco ball going on in your lips!

It’s without a doubt the most moisturising lipstick I’ve ever tried.  It applies with a very glossy finish but after time it sets into a lip stain, which is quite normal for a sheer lipstick.  I love the versatility that comes with this lipstick too as it can be put straight on for a full on dramatic lip look or slightly muted with a little dab of tissue for an everyday look.

Now the price is £30 which is a lot to spend on a single lipstick.  But for the quality and versatilely it provides, it definitely makes the price much more bearable.  I always say you’re better to buy darker, sheerer lipsticks to get your moneys worth as they always last much longer and you can achieve many different looks with a single product.  Since it arrived I've been wearing it non stop in all different variations and it’s fast becoming one of my all time favourites.

*PR Sample

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