April 15, 2013

Vo5 Nourish Me Truly Hot Oil Treatment


Last week I decided on a whim to dye my hair a bit lighter for summer.  I've been dying my hair the same dark brown shade for so long so I thought it was time for a change, and with that comes a new haircare routine.


Before the bleaching began, I picked up this little set of Vo5 Nourish Me Truly Hot Oil Treatments to get my hair in the best possible condition.  These have been around for quite a long time and I’ve always been curious to try them out but never got round to it.  You can get them in different forms and different sized tubes but I thought it would be easier to try the smaller pack first.

Basically you get 4 in this little pack and you use one tube every week before shampooing to repair your damaged hair.  To heat the oil all you have to do is drop it in warm water for a couple of minutes, in your bath or while you shower for example.  I left mine in the sink with warm water then ran it under the shower head just before applying it.

Once it’s warm enough (not super hot!) you apply it onto your hair covering each section for one minute.  I find that the ends of my hair are more dry due to ombre-ing it previously so I tend to focus more on that part.  Once it’s been on for a minute and not a minute longer simply rinse it off and follow with shampoo.

For the best results it recommends you use it with the Nourish Me shampoo and conditioner and by pure coincidence I already had the Nourish Me shampoo without realising!  After I applied the shampoo my hair felt like pure silk, it’s honestly never been so soft!  I added a little bit of Dove conditioner to finish it off and once my haircare routine was complete and hair was dried my hair looked really healthy and soft.  I’m also happy to say that my hair continued to stay that way days after applying the oil.

Now that my hair has been highlighted, it’s a little bit dryer from the bleaching process but I’m due to use my next oil treatment so I’m excited to see the results again.  If you find your hair is looking a little dry and damaged or if you’ve recently dyed it then I’d urge you to pick this up and give it a try.  I’ll definitely be picking up the larger bottle when these run out!

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