April 21, 2013

Lush Spa Edinburgh - The Good Hour Massage

Lush Spa Edinburgh Good Hour MassageLush Spa Edinburgh Good Hour MassageLush Spa Edinburgh Good Hour Massage
Last week we took a trip to Edinburgh to visit the new Lush Spa for a relaxing day of some much needed pampering.  The Edinburgh Spa has a beautiful homely feel to it which makes you feel miles away from the city into a little cottage in the countryside the minute you walk in.  It has all the little quirks you’d expect from Lush and a hint of Scottish charm to it, unlike any other Spa we've ever visited.  We were lucky enough to have the Spa to ourselves to get away from the busy shopping area just above the Spa to immerse ourselves into the whole experience.  When we arrived we were greeted by the wonderful Elise who made us feel very welcome and relaxed throughout the entire experience.

Before our treatment, we sat down with Elise who explained all about our treatment and how the Spa works and asked which areas she'd like us to focus on.  Each treatment can be tailored to you and it’s not a problem if you have any special requirements if for example you're vegan or if you have a phobia of people touching your feet!

Just before we had our treatments we headed up to the shop floor to pick out a massage bar we wished to use as part of our treatment.  It was lovely to be able to choose which scents we wanted and it made the treatment feel a lot more personalised.

Lush Spa Edinburgh Good Hour Massage
For our treatment, The Good Hour*, we needed three special ingredients: Our massage bar of choice, a Big Blue bath bomb and a jelly specifically for our treatment.  The Big Blue bath bomb was used to create an atmospheric blue mist in the treatment room, the massage bar is pretty self explanatory and the jelly is cooled and used as a contrast between the warmth of the massage bar.

The Lush Spa has a wide variety of treatments to choose from but the one we chose to try out was The Good Hour.  The Good Hour is a full body, deep tissue massage but what makes it even more special than your typical massage is the Lush charm added to it.  The treatment has a sea shanty/pirate theme to it with sounds of the sea and creaking wood, during the treatment we found ourselves singing along to the songs!

Lush Spa Edinburgh Good Hour Massage

Each treatment has it’s own set of music which you can actually buy afterwords to relive the experience.  Our CD was From Source to Sea and if you'd like to have a little listen you can do so on the Lush website.  Though if you do plan on having the treatment yourselves, it may be best to keep the music as a surprise.  The CD may even come in handy for any pirate themed parties or the next international talk like a pirate day, you never know!

Lush Spa Edinburgh Good Hour Massage
Now while we haven't gone into too much detail about our treatment as we don't want to ruin the surprise, we can tell you that it was absolutely amazing.  We felt relaxed the whole way through and all of our tension was taken away, we genuinely didn't want to leave!  And of course a pirate themed massage wouldn't be complete without a dash of rum in our tea and some shortbread to finish the experience.

All in all, we had such a lovely time and would definitely recommend you visit the Lush Spa for a treatment whenever you can.  Due to their popularity, appointments are booked a bit in advance so definitely get yourself an appointment or treat your loved one and make a day of it.

Disclaimer: We were invited along by Lush to try out the treatment, all opinions are our own.
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