March 31, 2013

Lush Solid Shampoo

A review of Lush Solid Shampoo in Karma Komba and Squeaky Green

When I first heard about the Lush solid shampoos I thought the concept was bizarre. I’m a bit of a shampoo hoarder (currently own over 20 and counting) and they take up so much room so the thought of having these little bars instead is much more appealing.  My hair is quite long and thick so I tend to use quite a lot of shampoo and I thought I would get through these bars within a week or two but after using one of the bars fully, it ended up lasting me 6+ months!  I have two from the range in Karma Komba and Squeaky Green, here’s what I thought of them.

A review of Lush Solid Shampoo in Karma Komba

I first received Karma Komba in a lush set for my birthday which is the reason I got into using them.  This shampoo bar smells so lovely and fresh, every time I use it my hair feels so clean which makes it a pleasure to use.  It doesn't take much product at all to start foaming and cover all of my hair.  Don't worry about the flowers, they're just for decoration and can be easily removed before you use the product.  I’m really glad I repurchased this product and will definitely need to get more when it runs out!

A review of Lush Solid Shampoo in Squeaky Green

Admittedly I only purchased the Squeaky Green shampoo bar because I wasn't sure which shampoo bar I had previously used in the birthday set as it didn’t have a name attached!  Compared to Karma Komba, I found this bar to be very hard to use and felt that it didn't clean my hair very well at all.  I think the little bits of grass or wooden pieces are to blame as it makes the shampoo really rough and the last thing I want is to have pieces of grass and sticks through my hair!  I’m hoping that the rough texture is just on the top but unfortunately I think it’s all the way through.  Definitely steer clear of this one.

I hope you found this helpful.  I really think the shampoo bars are great value for money and would be great to take with you while travelling or to festivals as it’s a real space saver.  Hopefully if I can get Glastonbury tickets it will come with me! If you do get the shampoo bars I’d highly advise you get the shampoo tin along with it as they can get a little messy after using them, I have my eye on the purple shampoo bar for my next purchase!


  1. Laura Pearson-Smith14 March 2014 at 13:24

    I used these in school, and have forgotten all about them since. A wee cheeky visit to Lush is in order!


  2. beautyaesthetic14 March 2014 at 13:24

    They've been neglected for a while but glad I started using them again :)


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