January 18, 2013

Ti Lounge at Glasgow Hilton

A review of the Glasgow Hilton Ti Lounge experience, Glasgow bloggers event

If you are a regular here at Beauty Aesthetic then you will probably know that we are both partial to a good old cup of tea, even more so if that tea is accompanied with a cake (or three…).  We were really excited when a little invitation from the Scottish Blogger Network & The Glasgow Hilton popped up in our inbox asking us along to an evening of Afternoon Tea in their brand new lounge ‘Ti’, meaning tea in Gaelic.

The entrance to the Hilton in Glasgow is so warm and elegant, maybe even slightly more welcoming at the moment due to the freezing cold weather.  We were shown to the Ti Lounge and sat down in very modern, luxurious surroundings.  We were blown away by how beautifully the tables were presented, it almost felt too much of a shame to touch anything!

After some chatter, the much anticipated cake stands arrived.  There were three different types to choose from: Confessions of a Chocoholic, Mad Hatters Tea Party (this was the one we got to try) and The Classic Afternoon Tea.  They all looked delicious but we were really excited to get to try the Mad Hatters one as it came with the little blue lemonade concoctions that definitely got our attention, this was such a fun touch!  You can check out the full menu for a list of prices etc.

A review of the Glasgow Hilton Ti Lounge experience, Glasgow bloggers event

After a few talks from the lovely Hilton staff giving us lots of information on the lounge and the various cocktails (the blackcurrant and lavender tea one is AMAZING!),  It was finally time to get down to business and get ordering some tea.  However, this is not just any old tea, this is the crème de la crème of tea.  Using a special selection of Twinings which come in all sorts of blends and infusions, you get to choose which tea takes your fancy.  This really is a great tea tasting experience, especially as the tea is unlimited.  We opted for a traditional Earl Grey, a Silver Tips and a Rooibos Cinnamon and Orange Winter Blend, all were delicious!

A review of the Glasgow Hilton Ti Lounge experience, Glasgow bloggers eventSelection of Twinings teas

We were even taught exactly how to brew the perfect cup of tea using these very quirky timers.  Each timer represents a type of tea, one for white, green & black tea to ensure you don’t over brew your tea for the perfect taste.  We are definitely going to purchase these for our homes as they make tea blending a doddle!

A review of the Glasgow Hilton Ti Lounge experience, Glasgow bloggers event

We had a wonderful time at the Hilton Ti Lounge and were well and truly spoilt rotten! It was also lovely getting to catch up with all the Scottish bloggers and hopefully we'll get to meet more in the future.  A great big thank you to the Glasgow Hilton for having us and to Kirsty from the Scottish Bloggers Network for organising the event.  We will most likely be back to have some more tea for two pretty soon.  If there’s one thing we can never resist, it’s an afternoon spent chatting about beauty with fancy tea and a whole load of cakes!

Have you guys ever tried afternoon tea? We'd love to hear about your experiences.
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