January 28, 2013

#1 Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake Recipe

Personally, nothing screams BIRTHDAY quite like cake.  This is something I feel the need to impose on anyone having a birthday in my presence.  If you're reaching a milestone, you're getting a cake.

Rainbow Cake Recipe

So obviously I've dabbled in the art of baking, a few cupcakes here a sorry looking sponge there, and I've always managed to produce something that was ‘nice’.
With this in mind, for my Mums birthday this year, I didn't want to aim for ‘nice’ I wanted ‘WOW’ and as I knew I was starting this whole ‘new challenges’ thing for 2013 I thought what better way to kick things off than to  bake the happiest looking cake in the world. 
Rainbow Cake Recipe
The wonderful rainbow cake has been around forever, I know, but it’s a piece of bakery art that I, up until now would have left to the big boys.  As I'm all about embracing the new challenges I grabbed my pinny and I got baking.

Rainbow Cake Recipe
I won't lie, this was a time consuming, messy and quite frankly stressful (who said baking was therapeutic?!) process that I shall only repeat for those who I really really love! However, after I finally managed to scrub the various colours of the rainbow off my paws, had assembled my little coloured castle and had lit the candle on top…I really felt very proud of my attempt (even if it was a little more pastel than rainbow). I guess it’s that kind of satisfaction that makes all the blood, sweat and food dye worthwhile…

I have now officially kick started my year of firsts, be sure to check back for my next challenge which involves lycra, a mat and some very awkward stretching…
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