December 14, 2012

Sew Lomax Make-Up Bags!

Sew Lomax Makeup Bags

I have no idea why, but I seem to have a thing for makeup and toiletry bags, any shape, any size I love them all, so it’s fair to say I love this gorgeous, handmade offering from Sew Lomax, what a gorgeous Christmas Gift this would make.

When I was introduced to the website, my inner grannie gave a big old cheer, what a wonderful celebration of all things crafty, handmade and downright pretty! If you need a bag, trust me, they have it, from make-up bags to camera bags there is a world of offerings.

The lovely designer of these fab bags, Emma was kind enough to answer some of my questions, as I think it’s always nice to get to know the person behind the brand, it makes everything so much more personal!

If our readers wanted to get crafty at home, what things can they do to make the perfect creative environment?
Well I work from home, when I need to be creatively inspired or need to knuckle down to some hard core stitching I have to be comfortable and warm, and for me that is at home under a rug with a nice cup of tea.

Which environments do you feel most creative in?
At home at the kitchen table, to be creative for me I need to be in a place where you can make mistakes with a project until often it ends up as a giant pile of mess. These are often the projects you learn the most from.

Here at beauty Aesthetic we love home-made products, why do you think home-made products are so special?
I think because someones personality and time has gone into it. You can’t give anyone a better gift than your time, we all seem so short on it these days.

What is your main source of inspiration when creating your products?
I think it was my mother dragging me around beautiful beauty halls when I was younger and seeing the beautiful rows of lipstick and nail polishes. That longing to own my first nail polish.

We think the make-up bags are perfect for Christmas gifts, what is on your wish list to santa this year?
Thank you, as always mascara Yves Saint Laurent, Bobby Brown I just love so a few bits and pieces from there. I have recently really got into knitting again in a big way but I really want to learn to do some fun stitches so maybe a knitting course.

What are your favourite beauty products that you fill your Sew-Lomax makeup bag with?
So many, I guess this was another of the inspirations for the bags my ever growing make up collection. At this time of year I always invest in a pair of the MAC fake eyelashes, great for all those Christmas parties.

It was so kind of Emma to take the time to answer my questions and to send me over this gorgeous pouch which has already taken centre stage as my new make-up bag! For more information and to see all the other pretty offerings from Sew Lomax check out their website.

Have you guys ever tried anything out from this brand? Myself and Sami both love it, and looking at all the crafty offerings it’s really made us want to start doing some more DIY projects, so please get in touch with any tips and tricks you guys have for getting crafty!

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